What Are The Effective Ways To Get Rid of The Double Chin

What Are The Effective Ways To Get Rid of The Double Chin

What is a double chin?

A double chin is described as submental fat in medical science. This means the portion of your chin becomes loose or gains some extra layers fat and becomes lumpy and it seems that you have a small chin like growth under your real chin. Double chin affects a person’s image and appearance. It can make one look tired or older than their actual age.

What are the causes?

A double chin can happen due to different reasons. If you are obese or have gained weight then the face will also gain some extra fat and you will get a double chin. But normal-weight people can also get double chins. Posture can cause a double chin. Genetic traits and age are also two important factors.

How to get rid of them?

Double chins can be removed with exercise and other surgical and non-surgical process. Double chin Removal Surgery has now become common. But not everyone needs surgery.

Removal of double chin

If you are young and have fat then exercise and diet can help to reduce the double chin. Overweight people tend to gain a double chin. This can reduce in size and shape if they maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes proper exercise and diet. But if you want to get rid of the double chin completely, then the simple exercises will not help alone. You may need special treatment for the double chin removal. Many clinics and hospitals offer Double Chin Removal West Midlands and other cities in affordable charges.

Surgical processed include surgical liposuction and neck lift. But if you hesitate to get surgical procedures done – then you can opt for non- surgical processes to get rid of the double chin. Non surgical processes are great for everyone and suits all skin types. There are numerous techniques for non- surgical facelift procedure. Some of the popular techniques are-

Non surgical liposuction

This is a non-surgical process that reduces the number of adipose cells in your chin area. Ultrasound or radio frequency wave can be used in this case. Usually, an expert technician uses a handheld to transmit ultrasound waves or radio frequency energy in the targeted area. This waves or energy destroy the fat cells and encourages the skin to produce collagen. This makes the chin area firmer and youthful minus the double chin bump.

Fat Freezing or Cryolipolysis

This is a non-surgical lipolysis process. In this process, the fat cells are frozen so that they are destroyed. After this, the body gets rid of the frozen cells naturally. Usually, this process may take one or two seatings.

Non surgical face lift

This is a great alternative for Double chin removal Surgery. In this process, different techniques are applied and used to reduce the double chin and lift the face. It is a good process because it reduces the double chin and also sculpts the chin area to give your face a sharper feature.

All of these processes must be performed by an expert or under the supervision of an expert. In general, it takes more than one seatings or sessions to get the visible result since the process is non- surgical. The sessions last for 30 to 6o minutes. A patient is advised to get a treatment full course that can last from one month to six months. These processes may need touch up after two or three years. But if you maintain a good lifestyle – then you may not need to get a touch up.

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