Top 5 Skincare Mistakes You Need To Avoid Making Right Now

Top 5 Skincare Mistakes You Need To Avoid Making Right Now


Do you want soft, glowing, healthy-looking skin? What a stupid question this is; everyone wants that. Having beautiful skin is not only about using great products but also including a proper skin care regime.

We often make some mistakes, and our skin needs to pay the fine for it. In case you fail to get healthy skin, though you are trying hard for it, maybe the reason is some of your bad habits.

Top 5 Skincare Mistakes You Need To Avoid Making Right Now

Here, I will tell you about the top 5 skin care mistakes that you need to avoid immediately forgetting that flawless, glowing, and healthy skin. Just by avoiding those mistakes, you will step towards the skin of your dreams.

1. Too Much Exfoliating Or No Exfoliating At All

Cleansing… Toning… Moisturizing…. Yes, You get the right mantra for daily skin care tips, but once in a while, exfoliation is something that you also need to include. But you need to make sure you are not doing it too much.

Too much exfoliation or totally no exfoliation both are bad for our skin’s health. Exfoliating removes all the dead skin cells, blackheads from your skin, but with too much exfoliation, you are removing too many layers, which is not needed. You will expose the skin layer, which is not ready to be exposed. And believe me, this actually hurts.

2. Getting Too Much Unprotected Sun Exposure

Actually, sunscreen is not only for the beach. Apart from skin burn, the sun also causes dark spots, wrinkles, skin dryness, and also skin cancer. The worst thing is that, apart from sunburn, other skin issues will not appear right after your skin is exposed to the sun.

It will take years to come up with the actual skin problem. So, no stepping out without sunscreen. Though you are staying indoors, use sunscreen during the daytime, as whenever the sun rays are able to reach, it brings harmful UV rays that are really bad for your skin.

3. Constantly Touching Your Face

I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who loves to touch her face. Especially when you start following a proper skincare routine, and it is making your skin soft and smooth, it becomes hard to resist the temptation of touching your face.

But, our hands are full of germs, and when you are touching your face, you are transferring those germs to your face. Isn’t that really gross? Eww! Apart from that, it also can cause pimples and irritation. If you have pimples, resist yourself from touching those pimples or your face more.

4. Using The Same Morning And Night Skincare Routine

You have a proper skincare routine! Oh Great! But is it only one routine? I mean to say, do you follow the same routine both day and night? That’s not at all good. Just the way we do not eat the same meal day and night, our skincare routines also need to be different.

Especially, you need to be a little more cautious about the moisturizer. For daytime, moisturizers with SPF or sun protection factors work really great, but the scenario becomes totally different after the sunset. For night go for something with extra moisture.

5. Sleeping Without Removing your Makeup

After a loooong day, all you need is to land on your bed and have a perfect sleep. But wait, have you removed your makeup? No? You better do it first.

Sleeping without removing makeup is the worst thing that you can do for your skin.

When you sleep with makeup, your skin pores stay blocked for a really long time, and it causes pimples along with other skin problems. Keep a make-up removal cleanser or wipes by your bed so that you can get easy access to them.

Final Tip

These are the mistakes that you need to stop right away if you want to get healthier skin. These mistakes are really very small to notice but leave a great effect on our skin. So, better leave all these bad habits and start with some good habits.

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