Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Male Hair Pieces

Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Male Hair Pieces

With the increasing risks of hair loss, lifestyle and beauty influencers are producing non-surgical hair replacement systems for men. These hair systems for men are comfortable to wear and handle. Many businessmen are providing these hair systems for men; however, you have to be very conscious while buying one for yourself. For your ease, I’m providing you the most useful buying tips while you purchase toupee from lavivid hair.

The thickness of the base:

Checking the layer of the hairpiece before purchasing one for yourself is a must! You don’t have to rely on the number of layers a base contains, rather you need to check the thickness. The base of your toupee must be breathable, so you feel comfortable while wearing it.

The density of hair:

You should check the density of the toupee you’re going to purchase. It’s not necessarily about more density, rather you have to check whether this density matches your face look or not. Often, the hair density of 90 percent works for most men.

Size of the hairpiece:

The size of a hairpiece really matters a lot. Check the width and length of the several hair systems for men to make sure they would be perfectly equal to your head. Most of the male hairpieces available on Lavivid range in different sizes. If you’re unable to find the perfect size then go for the toupee having a base that can be cut. After purchasing one for yourself, cut the base of the toupee according to your head.

Hair length:

Another significant point to consider while making a purchase is hair length. Purchase a hairpiece that contains normal size hairs. Brands usually design such products with multiple hair lengths. If you’re buying it for the very first time, make sure that the hair length of the product is equal to your hair length. You may consider the less or more length of the product, but to give a supernatural look, consider the same length!


The replacement period of the chosen product and the price go hand in hand. Purchase a hairpiece that has a suitable price according to the features of the product. Also, see whether the product matches your budget or not.

Bottom line:

Check the above-mentioned features while purchasing mens hair toupee from lavivid hair, so you won’t regret it after purchasing one.

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