What Are Diaper Pants? Which One Is Suitable for Your Baby?

What Are Diaper Pants? Which One Is Suitable for Your Baby?

Babies are dependent on adults as they are unable to walk, move and talk. All they do is feed, sleep, pee, poop, and repeat. They make different faces when they want something in particular. And show their discomfort through gestures and sound when they feel wet. It is important you understand your baby’s signs and sounds and keep them comfortable, which starts with using the best absorbent diaper pants.

It not only helps your baby have the most peaceful sleep but also holds in the pee so that your baby appears cheerful. But what exactly are diaper pants, and why they are such an important baby care product? Let’s check it out.

What are diaper pants?

Diaper pants are absorbent pants to hold in the pee and poop of your baby. These have elastic bands at the waist and thigh to seamlessly fit your baby’s physique, age, and weight. They are soft and flexible, comfortable to put on and remove, and as they are made with absorbing material, they are effortless and convenient to use when on the go.

But with the overload of choices of diapers, you may face difficulty while choosing the one for your baby. So, which one is better – cloth or bamboo-based diaper-pants or the popular ones that are polyester-based? Do not fuss, as we have prepared the answer for you! 

Cloth Diaper Pants – As the name suggests, these diaper pants are made using cloth, and once they get soiled, you need to remove them as your baby feels the discomfort caused due to the wetness. The plus side is that they are washable, so you can use them over and over again but only when indoors. It is not something you can use for your baby while on the move.

Bamboo Based Diaper Pants – It is a new and innovative way to take care of your baby’s hygiene so that your baby stays comfortable all day long. These diapers from Mamaearth are the first of their kind, made up of breathable corn starch material, bamboo, and aloe vera powder. These diapers are soft, stretchy, 2times absorbent, disposable, and gentle on the baby’s skin. It comes with a 12hour leakage protection promise to help your baby have the most peaceful sleep while you enjoy carefree travels. These diaper-pants are free of latex, lotion, fragrance, and chlorine bleaching, unlike the popular regular diaper pants. And as these diaper-pants are completely biodegradable, it is an excellent product for your baby and environment. 

Polyester-Based Diaper Pants – You must have come across a plethora of diaper-pants from various brands for your little one. Although they all claim to absorb well, the truth is, they convert the pee into a gel that often causes rashes on your baby’s gentle skin. Due to the presence of certain ingredients viz lotion and fragrance, these polyester-based diaper pants are an unsafe choice for your baby. And as these diaper pants are not eco-friendly, you cannot rely on them for taking the best care of your baby. 

Bottomline (care)

When it comes to choosing the diaper-pants, it all depends on what you are looking for- for your baby, yourself, and the environment. Your choice could be based on comfort, convenience, and place you are at – but make sure the diaper pants you choose are breathable, soft, comfortable, properly fitting, and absorbent sans toxic materials. Also, to ensure the best bottom care, always remember to change the soiled diaper pants every 3-4 hours or when your baby defecates to ensure your baby’s proper health and hygiene. 

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