What is an AlterG Treadmill used in Physical Therapy?

What is an AlterG Treadmill used in Physical Therapy?

Let me take you to the history of this beautiful invention! You’ll remain stunned though! Gravity is the force that lands you on the floor, isn’t it? How beautiful it is that every particle in the universe obeys the same forces and experiences the same rules! How is it to experience you flying up rather than landing down? Well, I’m just talking about the concept of anti-gravity, here! It is possible to experience life on the moon!

Let’s not go so far to the moon, just imagine the feet are off the ground and you are floating in the air and experiencing weightlessness! That’s possible anywhere on the planet with less gravity!

Once 25 years ago, a biomechanical researcher who worked for NASA invented a downward pressure device for the astronauts to run in a natural way in space. Well, this idea is mind-boggling to imagine, and the mechanisms involved in enclosing their upper body in an airtight chamber and increasing the air pressure put the astronauts down on the ground. Thus it was the way to simulate gravity in space! But it couldn’t make up for NASA and was thought the idea couldn’t do any better.

Lately, his son Sean Whalen could use the reduced gravity device for a different agenda and that being helping the patients in rehabilitation to get back on their feet to run, walk and stand. So the device came into existence as AlterG! His father can’t be any less grateful for the effective utilization of the device than leaving it in the dust.

That’s an astonishing storyline to read but how it can actually help the rehab patients is the question that might be running in our minds, currently. To answer that it’s obvious that patients with overweight and pain in the joints experience troubles in running on the treadmill but AlterG relieves this thought of the patients. Be it inclined or high speed, it is possible to feel weightlessness while running with this treadmill. Unlike any other treadmill, this has a difference! On switching this machine, an air bubble fills in the casing till the waist level forming an air bubble even around the legs to give the experience the same as that of aqua-therapy and a feel of less resistance where the joints won’t be any pain and one can feel much lighter on the feet!

Must say it has three privileges

  1. Pleasant and Shielded

It’s designed considering all the safety concerns and is the most pleasant and safe machine to work on!

  1. Lightweight

The interesting feature to be noted is this point! No other treadmill gives this feeling of light on feet than AlterG as that’s the specialty of the treadmill while standing unique compared to others.

  1. Quick outcomes

Weight reduction is possible to attain no matter where you are! And the expected healing outcomes of the result are observed much quicker.

Final thoughts 

Physical therapists have considered this machine in their practice of treating many problems and have seen successful results in utilizing it. Whether the patient is experiencing the barriers of the presence of gravity or fatigue, the treadmill gives seamless pleasantness while running. Want to experience the ride of joy? You can always visit pelham physical medicine!

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