What is The Best Foundation for Very Sensitive Skin Care?

What is The Best Foundation for Very Sensitive Skin Care?

A good foundation is one that contains ingredients to cover imperfections without irritating ingredient. Moreover, makeup needs to have good coverage for every skin tones, which minimize fine lines and blemishes while enhancing someone’s features. The aisle could be a bewildering array of new and improved formula for sensitive skin, all guaranteeing the best coverage and finish, but if the formula used contains a lot of chemicals and there is no guarantee of a good result then choosing that makeup would be useless.

Best Foundation Skin Care

Factors companies look at while making a foundation

There are a few factors which companies look at before making a foundation. These factors are:-

  • The number of chemicals which are being used to make the product and how much quantity they are being used.
  • Reaction chemicals have with each other as well as the surrounding area where the target customers live and how much impact it puts on the human body.
  • Weather of the area and the reactions chemicals might have in this weather since some chemicals might cause issues to the skin at specific weather.

Types of foundation makeup

There are many types of foundations makeup that are easily available in the market. Each type of foundation has its own uses and some of these are:-

  • Liquid foundation These are foundations which generally come in water or oil-based products. They are chosen by the customers based on whether the skin is oily or dry.
  • It has light to medium coverage
  • It is great at making the pigmented area even out with respect to the user’s face.
  • The formula comes in matte or satin variety
  • Cream foundation formula
  • They work best for oily skin type.
  • They are suited for heavier coverage.

Stick foundation

  • They are easy to apply since they glide on the skin.
  • They are better suited for problem areas rather than all over coverage.
  • They are available for oily, normal or combination skin.

Pressed powder foundation

  • They work well for oily skin
  • They are better suited for light coverage or being used as a finishing powder.
  • They have a matte finish appearance.
  • They can easily absorb excess oil without affecting other parameters.

Mineral foundation

  • They come in loose. Liquid or pressed form
  • They are great for oily skin
  • They are the best foundation when it comes to sensitive skin.
  • They give light to medium coverage.
  • They generally give a matte finish unless they are specified to give shine.
  • They work well to even out the skin tone.
  • They give better results if applied with a dense kabuki brush.
  • The foundation based on skin tone
  • They disappear into the skin as soon as they come in contact with it.
  • They never accentuate fine lines, wrinkles or look caked on one’s face.
  • Comes in two colors. These are yellow which work well with most skin tones and pink which are better for a light complexion.

Foundations based on skin type

Foundations are generally made to work for specific skin type while some do work good with other skin type but they give the best results with a specific skin type because the chemicals used to build them work for those types of skin. On the basis of the type of skin, the type of foundation which would be best for doing the work are:-

Oily skin

This kind of skin generally have an overall shine, has breakouts and pigmented or acne scars. The best type of foundation for such type of skin. Matte finish foundations would make one’s skin appear less shiny.

Dry skin

They tend to make face feel tight. The type of foundation which would be best for this kind of skin is cream based liquid or stick foundations which would work great with these kinds of skins.

Combination skin

For such a skin the best foundation would be a cream-to-powder foundation or concealers. Minerals based product also works well for this kind of skin.

Mature, ageing skin

If the person who is looking for applying foundation is aged and the face shows the age the kind of foundation that would be best would depend on the skin type. The person needs to be more careful while buying the foundation if they are aged because some foundations may not work with aged skins. The best foundation for oily skin in aged person would be oil-free foundations or loose mineral powders.

Factors people look at or should look at while buying a foundation

There are factors which a person should look at before buying the private label skin care product. These are:-

  • The kind of skin any person is having and what kind of products will use that type of skin.
  • Chemicals used in the products and how much dilute or concentrated these chemicals are.
  • Ingredients that are used to make the product since they may be allergic to some ingredient.

Foundation plays an important role in concealing some issue that may arise in the skin of a person. These are especially issues a youth faces so deciding the type of foundation which would be best for their skin is also important. Here we have described the foundations and which kind of skin they are suitable to be used with so that the chances of someone making a mistake while choosing the product are very less. Hence it is always recommended to consult an expert before making any kind of decision.

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