When Older Bones Break

When Older Bones Break

Everyone wants to be healthy, especially when people get old. This is because the elderly are more susceptible to getting injuries or diseases and the reason is the reduced ability of the body to fight infections along with weak bones and muscles.

Reduced function of the body in older age is the prime reason why fractures are commonly noticed after 65 years of age. The body starts losing calcium & other minerals after 30 years of age at a slow rate that becomes high as the person grows old. Casting or application of a splint along with medications are found to be highly effective for the treatment of fractures in younger ones but, the chances of surgical intervention are high in the elderly as most broken bone cases are severe. Surgeries may require the use of orthopaedic devices and to get quality ones, it is important to find trustworthy and experienced Orthopedic Supply Companies.

Why Are Bone Breaks Serious in the Elderly?

The body of aged people is not fit enough as of younger ones plus, it does not function at its best as well. Due to this, people are not able to get enough minerals required by the body, and hence, their bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons become weak. This is one of the reasons why osteoporosis is seen commonly in the elderly.

Now, when older people experience fractures, it becomes a tough ask for the doctors to provide the best treatment. This is because healing takes time due to reduced body ability, low bone density, and rapid loss of minerals. In most cases, the casting could be a good option, especially in non-serious cases. While on the other hand, in serious or displaced fractures, surgery might be required but the real problem arises with the application of implants. In older age, the body of some people might not be able to accept the implant due to weakness or other reasons, and that could create a problem for the surgeons. These are some of the reasons why fractures in the elderly could be serious and hence, it is important to take preventive measures to stay safe.

How to Prevent Fractures in the Elderly?

Falls are the common causes for why fractures occur in the elderly and reducing the chances of falls could significantly reduce the chances of getting fractures. For that, it is necessary to improve body balance and strengthen bones & muscles. To achieve this, exercising is most important and if one makes it a practice from a younger age, life will become easier when you grow old. This is one of the best ways to prevent fractures in old age.

Along with physical activity, it is also necessary to look after the diet as both go hand in hand. A complete diet is important to ensure the optimum level of essential minerals in the body. Besides this, when you grow old, you can also ask your primary physician to prescribe some supplements to ensure good strength. Considering this will reduce the chances of getting fractures due to slight falls or while doing daily activities.

Another best thing one could do is to avoid getting engaged in high-impact activities, lifting heavy objects, and excessive physical activities. Plus, extra care must be taken while bathing and moving in and around the house.

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