When Should We Consult a Physiotherapist?

When Should We Consult a Physiotherapist?

Whenever we suffer from any chronic or acute pain, we first try home remedies and wait until it heals. But during this period, if you don’t find relaxation, you might question when we should consult a physiotherapist? Or what is the level of discomfort in the affected area that needs expert guidance? We will see in this content about what are the conditions that can be treated by physiotherapy. You can visit a physiotherapist or physical therapist for treatment to get rid of such discomfort in your body. 

Home remedies are good to start when experiencing any stress due to chronic pains or aches, but the situation might worsen if it’s not treated on time. So if any remedies are not giving you desired results, we should consult an expert on a particular condition without spending more time. If you find that the pain hasn’t resolved over some time, visiting a physiotherapist should be on the priority list. 

Below are few points that may help you to decide the severity of the condition: 

If the pain is reoccurring

If you have an injury that needs time to heal, the affected tissues are the particular areas. For example, you had a sprain in your ankle, and you are experiencing pain. Usually, it is recovered in a few weeks, and once the ligaments that are affected start to heal eventually slowly, the pain disappears. Its healing varies from person to person, and if the pain reoccurs, then it’s chronic or acute pain. Now here, there’s a need to visit a physiotherapist who has expert advice that can solve your problem permanently. 

A therapist will examine the condition and will prescribe specific treatments required to get a permanent solution. He will plan a customized program that includes targeted rest and exercise. 

Mechanical pain

Mechanical pain means pain that occurs by doing physical activity like you feel pain if climbing stairs, ankle pain when you run, shoulder pains if you lift some heavy object, or even when you stretch your arms. You may get lower back pain when bending to perform any task. So above all are pains that you feel when performing any daily routine, known as mechanical pain.

A physiotherapist will help you by teaching you some exercises and making you stronger. Also, some tips and techniques will be shown to you to follow as routine movements. You will have to take care of your movement while doing any activity.

Lack of Balance

Imbalance is the result of suffering from dizziness and vertigo. Balance problems are generally a result of inner ear issues. Our internal Ear structure plays a vital role in balancing our body. Another physical therapy used to treat these symptoms is vestibular rehabilitation.

Once the therapist detects the problem, a proper treatment plan is designed, and exercise for the head, eyes, and ears will be taught to you. Your nervous system is reconfigured by doing these exercises, and you will slowly and gradually learn to balance your body.

Mobility issue

Having mobility or flexibility issues affects your movement as well. In this case, you must visit a physiotherapist, and he will assess the situation and suggest stretches that will strengthen your tissue and relax your muscles. By following suggested exercises and movements, you will be able to improve your flexibility.

Uncontrolled urination

Complaints of uncontrolled urination are a more common disorder experienced by women than men. It is called urinary incontinence. As your age increases, you are likely to be affected by this condition. There are two kinds of urinary incontinence: urge and pressure. If you have leakage when you pass urine, it is called urinary incontinence, and if it happens because of coughing or sneezing, it’s a stress urinary incontinence. 

Feeling pain when sitting at your desk

Sitting for a longer time on your desk might give you some pain in your back, or you suffer a headache. The human body is made for movements, and keeping your body in one posture for a more extended period can lead to cramps in the joints and tendons of your body. So it is advised to keep your body active, take a walk or do some stretches in small intervals. Also, make sure to have proper alignments of your desk and seat. Keep your screen and head in alignment. 

Visit a physical therapist or a physiotherapist to learn more about tips and techniques to apply at your workplace.

Sports injury

Sports injuries are a common problem that a physiotherapist treats. A customized treatment plan will be prepared, taking into consideration your situation and requirements. Therapists will also guide you for the precautions you need to take to avoid any future injury.


I hope the above information will help you in some of the other ways to decide whether a physiotherapist can treat your condition or not. As we know that if we desire surgery-free treatments, then physiotherapy or physical therapy is the best way to heal our injury and improve our mobility.

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