Why Body Recomposition Is the New Weight Loss –Obfgyms

Why Body Recomposition Is the New Weight Loss –Obfgyms

If you have ever tried to lose weight, you will likely have used the scale to assess your progress. You don’t have to keep track of your scale weight. It can help you get a clear picture of where you stand. The body recomposition, which is the ratio of body fat to other substances like water, muscle, bone, and organs, can also signify how healthy and fit someone is. Body Recomposition has led to many side-by, transformation photos that are so popular in social media.

What Is Body Recomposition?

A body recomposition program is an exercise/nutrition regimen to lose fat and gain muscle simultaneously. This process changes your body composition. As a result, your body’s fat percentage is reduced while your weight falls at a slower rate than traditional weight loss. “Traditional methods for changing athletic bodies would include a phase that increases muscle and then a phase that reduces fat. This is also known for “bulking” and “cutting.” Both of these goals are achieved simultaneously by body recomposition.

Loss Fat and Gain Muscles

Weight Loss is a catabolic process that involves the body breaking down fat stores for energy. This means that you need to have a deficit in calories, either through nutrition or exercise. That’s why the calories-in-calories-out approach to weight loss works for so many people.

On the other hand, building muscle requires anabolic (building) processes that require exercise and adequate micronutrient levels, such as enough protein.

It may seem that weight loss or muscle gain are opposed, but they can both be achieved in the same amount of time if you carefully plan your exercise and diet.

Although the rate of muscle gain will be slower for those trying to lose weight simultaneously is fine. This is why it takes longer to alter your body composition than a standard plan for weight loss.

The goal is to make it a lifestyle, not a diet. You will need to commit to regular strength training and eat a high-protein diet. People who undergo body recomposition may lose fat & gain muscle, particularly if they start with a high level of body fat.

Most people will assess their results by measuring circumference (around the stomach), progress photos, body fat calibrations, and taking pictures. Sometimes the number on a scale can stay the same or even increase.

Why is Body Recomposition Cardio so popular?

This is one trend that social media can be credited for. Photos of body recomposition cardio where people appear stronger and fitter than they are, or may even look heavier, prove that body recomposition occurs at work. People are increasingly interested in health and fitness.

It has been noticed that more and more everyday gym-goers are interested in body recomposition-perhaps, in part, to all those tanned and toned fitness Instagrammers or celebrity trainers you see online.

The fitness industry goes further than bodybuilders and professional athletes who have been following strict lifting and nutrition plans for years.

Women who focus only on weight loss without building or maintaining muscle will end up losing muscle. Although you might notice an increase in weight, it could cause a decrease in body fat. This could lead to a decline in hormones and other health issues.

This may look fine at the time, but it could end up costing you in the long term, especially if you’re trying to lose weight.

However, even though it helps to have a lower body-fat percentage, it does not guarantee that you will be healthy again.

Is Body Recomposition right for you?

“Recomp” is a great goal that every person who exercises should strive for. Recomp does require commitment. It is just like any diet or exercise. You can decide the level of commitment you want to make.

You don’t have to lose weight if you want to gain muscle. However, it is important to ensure sufficient protein and increase training intensity because weight loss results from losing fat or muscle.

“But the greater your muscle mass, the more calories you burn at rest. People with a higher metabolism and more muscle manage their weight better.”

The process of changing your body composition can often be slow and frustrating, as mentioned previously. However, this method has its merits.

Last Words

The structure of body recomposition makes it easier to achieve long-term consistency than other diets. “Body Recomposition is an excellent way to develop long-term, positive habits that will help you maintain a positive outlook and lifestyle. Of course, no one isn’t suited for body recomposition. But it is a case in which the old saying, “Slow and steady wins every race”, is particularly true. People who commit to body recomposition are more likely to be happy because they have changed their mindset and acknowledged their small victories.

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