10 Bad Habits That Can Harm Your Brain You Should Need to Avoid Them

10 Bad Habits That Can Harm Your Brain You Should Need to Avoid Them

The human brain controls everything the body does. Do you know there are a majority of activities that we engage in our routine matter that are hobbling the brain’s activity? It’s important that you look after the most important organ you have. After all, you need to fully concertation to evaluate and choose from the HughesNet Plans. Sadly, these habits may have long-term consequences. The good news is we can correct them and ensure our brain’s health.

These are the 10 bad habits you need to keep away from…

#1: Googling Every Single Thing

There was a time our brain could remember a dozen phone numbers. Every time you needed to remember someone’s contact number, you had to use your brain. Today, as the world has become a global village, we are storing information on our phones more than our brains. Having information at our fingertips actually makes our brain slower.

#2: Watching Too Much TV

Reality TV is considered junk for the human brain. It not just makes us rude but rots our brain. Watching too much TV can alter the brain structure in kids. This makes them more aggressive and lowers their verbal IQ.

#3: Multitasking

Multitasking certainly makes you perform 2 or more tasks fast but if you actually take a closer look, you are not fully paying attention to either of these tasks. Research says multitaskers usually face more problem in recalling information and paying attention. It can damage the anterior cingulate cortex of the brain. That part is responsible for emotions, cognitive control, and empathy.

#4: Eating Too Much Sugary Food

I know, I know we all have heard this multiple times. But it’s true, too much sugar is unhealthy for the brain. It messes up with the way our brain absorbs nutrients. It can even tamper its cognitive function and cause malnutrition.

#5: Not Drinking Enough Water

Dehydration is bad for the human body in any case. Here is what it does to your brain. It shrinks the tissues in the brain. This ultimately affects your visuospatial function. Brain cells tend to dry out just like plants dry without enough water. So don’t make your brain deprived of fluids, drink plenty of water.

#6: Spending Time in Darkness

If you like sitting in darkness for extended hours because it’s soothing, then you need to say goodbye to this habit. Same goes for those who work on their computers in a dimmed light environment. The human body needs natural light. Staying in darkness for a long time can cause depression and make your brain decline. So try stepping outside in natural sunlight whenever you can.

#7: Sitting for Extended Periods

Sitting all day long does not only change the size of your jeans. It can also slow down brain function. Research shows that when your muscles move, they pump fresh oxygen and blood through the brain. This makes you release all sorts of chemicals and even enhance your mood.

#8: Drinking Orange Juice for Breakfast

In some households, orange juice is like the breakfast staple. But it doesn’t really have healthy effects on the human brain. According to the Neuroscience Journal, diets that are high in sugar can decline the cognitive function and affect both long-term and short-term memory. And a glass of orange juice (which is typically 12 ounce) contains 33 grams of sugar. Therefore, it is better you don’t drink orange juice at least at the start of your day. And not to forget, reduce your overall sugar consumption.

#9: Sleeping With Your Head Covered

If you sleep with your head cover, pay attention! When you cover your head at night, it reduces the amount of oxygen entering the body. You will be breathing in recycled air that is full of CO2. It doesn’t just deliver less oxygen to your body but your brain, too.

#10: Lack of Brain Exercise

What is brain exercise you ask? Reading a book/newspaper or solving a crossword puzzle. The human brain reaches its productivity peak between 16 and 25 years. After that, it slows down. Research shows that with regular brain exercise, you can improve the performance of your brain. It can also reduce the chances of developing dementia.

Bottom Line

Some of these habits have effortlessly become a part of our daily routine and it seems like we can’t let go. If you want good cognitive health, you must adopt a healthy lifestyle. This calls for making smart decisions just like it would make a smart decision to choose Hughesnet Internet plans. At least you won’t have to call Hughesnet Customer Service (1-855-850-5976)time and again to complain about bad WI-FI signals.

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