10 Best High Protein Foods For Boosting Muscle Growth

10 Best High Protein Foods For Boosting Muscle Growth

Almost everyone loves a beautifully toned body. For this, one has to have healthy muscles. The first thought we get when thinking about muscle building is about having a well-sculpted body, but let me tell you, pals, muscles are much more than just making you look fit externally. Muscles are anatomically and physiologically significant organs actively involved in mobility, stability, posture, respiration, circulation, digestion, and even childbirth.

Proper nourishment of muscular tissues is an essential part of being healthy. In this article, we will be discussing some of the high-protein foods that you should include in your diet to have healthy muscles. You can also make your high-protein diet plan for muscle gain using these!

1. Eggs

Eggs are jam-packed with nutrients. They have highly bioavailable protein and several other micro and macronutrients. Eggs[1] have an outstanding amino acid profile and high digestibility. The post-workout muscle building is higher by around 40% in people consuming whole eggs than just egg whites. Eggs are rich in essential amino acid leucine, which has a complementary relationship with glucose utilization in the muscles. The muscle recovery after endurance and resistance training depends on dietary leucine. Thus, having eggs would be helpful for people doing endurance and resistance training. You can easily add egg protein powders into several dishes to enhance their protein quality.

2. Whey Protein

The liquid portion remaining after the curdling of milk is called whey. It is regarded as a source of complete protein as it has all the essential amino acids in it. Whey protein is available in various forms, including protein powder, concentrates, isolates and hydrolysates. The amino acids in Whey have high digestibility and absorbability. It’s proven to help with muscle gaining and strength building. It also helps to reduce [2] body fat. While buying a protein powder, always remember to get the ones made with grass-fed cow’s milk and is GMO, hormone, antibiotic, and gluten-free. Go for brands like FREZZOR, which has added benefits of kiwifruit enzymes for better digestibility.Good Whey protein powders have no added artificial sweeteners.

3. Chicken

Chicken, especially chicken breast without skin, is the best way to get some good quality protein. It’s one of the most common muscle-building foods used. Chicken, too, is a complete protein offering you all the essential amino acids. Additionally, it has low calories, which will help you lose fat and build muscles.

4. Fish

Fishes are an excellent source of protein along with several other essential nutrients. They provide you with omega-3 fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins. These, too, are complete proteins and have exceptional amino acid profiles. If you want to restrict the fat in your diet, have low-fat fish like tuna and cod, but remember, fat in fish is healthy. Thus, you are free to pick your favorite!

5. Hemp Seed Protein

Hemp protein contains all nine necessary amino acids and thus is a complete protein source. Methionine and cysteine, two amino acids that contain sulfur, are more plentiful in them. Hemp protein is more nutritious than soy protein because it has a greater ratio of essential amino acids to total amino acids. Hemp protein has a strong digestibility and ability to enhance zinc bioavailability. As a result, hemp protein is an excellent source of high-quality protein for our bodies. Nowadays, it’s been widely used as a muscle-building food.

6. Low-fat yogurt

Low-fat yogurt or Greek yogurt (which has almost twice the protein as the normal ones) can be a delicious post-workout meal as it has a balanced combination of carbohydrates and good quality protein. Yup! Yogurt, too, is a source of complete protein. The carbohydrates in it will be beneficial post-workout for energy restoration. It is also high in minerals like calcium, which helps in bone strengthening. The probiotic cultures in it will promote your gut health.

7. Quinoa

This is another source of complete vegetarian protein. Yup! It has all the essential amino acids in it. Along with high protein content, it also has significant magnesium and iron that support protein synthesis and utilization. Also, it’s a great source of complex carbohydrates that will ensure sustained energy release without insulin spikes in your body.

8. Seeds

Seeds are the best snacks for building muscles, and they can be incorporated into almost every recipe. Seeds like those of sunflowers have around 14 g of protein in just half a cup. At the same time, pumpkin seeds can have as many as 18 grams. They also contain several other vitamins and minerals, which is a bonus.

9. Almonds

Another snack for all the muscle-building pals is almonds. A  cup of dry roasted almonds has approximately 28 grams of protein. It has several nutrients like vitamin B that help energy metabolism throughout and post-workout.

10. Spirulina

Microalgae are now in the limelight due to their immense nourishing and nutraceutical potential. Spirulina is an excellent complete protein source with a great amino acid profile. It is proven to enhance your endurance and help you build strength. Also, being anti-oxidant rich, it helps to prevent exercise-induced oxidative damage to the muscles.

How much protein do you need?

A healthy individual with moderate physical activity is advised to have around 0.8-1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. As you increase your physical activity, you must increase your protein intake parallelly to ensure muscle building. Always have a word with a professional to get an idea of how much protein you should be exactly having because excessive consumption of protein is not healthy too.


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