10 Reasons Why Your Wound is Not Healing

10 Reasons Why Your Wound is Not Healing

There are sometimes we get a wound. The would should heal in some time but if that is not healing in time then there are a few reasons for that. You need to see why the wound is not healing and then take the right medication accordingly.

If you have  a habit  of smoking

If you are a regular smoker then the chances are there that the wounds will take some time to heal. As the smoking will narrow the blood vessels and then the oxygen supply will be restricted.

Alcohol habit

If you consume alcohol regularly then this can be the reason for wound not healing in time. You need to restrict your intake of alcohol so that the wounds can get haled in time. You are IN need to make sure you do not drink too much or else the wounds will not get resolved in time and the problem will be worse at that time.

Some health conditions

There are some health conditions that can  create a problem they may include diabetes, cholesterol etc. They create  problem for the immune system, and they create a problem for the healing.

Poor nutrition.

This is the most important point to remember. If you do not have enough nutrition, then the healing may take time. You can talk to a good doctor about right nutrition. He can get you the right advice for this. You need to look for a nearby doctor. If you stay in New Jersey, then you can get in touch with one of the best Holistic Doctor New Jersey.

Poor circulation.

If your circulation is not good, then the healing may be prolonged.  You need to take some action that will enhance the circulation.


If you are overweight, then the healing process will take much of time. YOU need to control the weight in that case. Yu can either go to gym or take some other plans for reducing the weight. If you still have problems, then you can go to the doctor and take the right advice. You need to also follow a diet that can help you reduce weight. This is the way your wounds will get healed little fast.


If there is an infection in the wounds, then the chances are there that the wounds get healed late.


If you are under certain medication, then your wounds are likely to take time to get healed.


If you have bed sores or ulcers, then you are more likely have problems with healing of wounds.


If you have a problem of ulcers, the defiantly there will be a problem while wound healing.

There are many reasons why the wounds do not heal in time. You need to take good care of your health so that if there are wounds then they will get healed quickly. You need to make sure you take the right treatment so that the wounds will get healed in the right manner.

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