10 Things to Do to Make IVF Successful

10 Things to Do to Make IVF Successful

After being diagnosed with IVF, there should be systematic steps to make IVF successful during its progressing stages. Some of the essential things what makes IVF successful are listed below:

(1) Maintain the bodyweight

According to Linnea Goodman, MD, Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and     Gynecology, UNC School, “During the cycle of IVF and fertility, it is important to maintain a healthy weight.” Further added, being either too obese or underweight disturbs the time of conception, which increases surprisingly by 2-3 times as of standard.

Thus you need to properly take care of your body by maintaining a proper diet and doing exercises to achieve a successful pregnancy. You can also contact us to know about male infertility treatment.

(2) Stress control is a must

It is found that stress becomes one of the most severe burdens which comes during the IVF processing cycle, which needs to be adequately controlled by couples. To reduce stress, you can refer stress relieving medicines after consulting with doctors, joining meditation exercises and programs, etc.

(3) Enhance sperm health

With proper care, men can use many medicines available in the market after consulting with doctors to increase quality and sperm count;  this would significantly help IVF outcomes.

(4) Be in contact with the good doctor

Only excellent doctors can say many tips to make IVF successful according to your health condition. The endocrinologist has lots of experience in both medicine and practical recommendation; not only this, they give emotional help during this journey.

(5) No smoking

No more smoking during the IVF period because it can significantly affect egg and sperm quality; thus, your chances of successful pregnancy reduce drastically.

(6) Maintain a level of vitamin D

It affects fertility and IVF if you are deficient in the concentration of Vitamin D in your body. To maintain its level, you can take Vitamin D tablets and take sunlight because it is the most significant source of Vitamin D.

(7) Patience is essential

It would help if you kept in mind that IVF is not always a one-step process;  there are chances that many cycles fail to fertilize and achieve embryo, so do not lose patience. Keep trying along with your doctor. You will finally succeed with successful pregnancy.

(8) If possible, take supplements

Some supplements like DHEA and CoQ10 can increase egg and sperm quality. After consulting with your doctor, you can also take many multivitamins available in the market.

(9) Try to take sufficient sleep

Before going to an IVF appointment, try to sleep generally before 2 weeks. Try to sleep in a dark room with no noise disturbance that would indirectly maintain your physical and mental level in a balanced condition.

(10) Eat good fats

Eating good fat helps you in heart performance, improve fertility, and chances of inflammation decreases.

Thus, these steps would be the best answer for the most doubtful question: How to make IVF successful?


Follow all the steps given during and before your IVF treatments. If you control your feelings, emotions, mental health, and doctor support, you will succeed in this challenging job. And for the question, How to make IVF more successful? The answer is simple. First, be mature enough to follow and maintain the tips suggested by doctors, other parts left to the doctor.

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