12 Reasons to Start Lifting Weights

12 Reasons to Start Lifting Weights

Maybe you don’t want to lift weights because you don’t like that kind of sport or you just don’t like a very muscular figure?

However, as huffingtonpost.com writes, weight lifting not only helps to lose weight, strengthens muscles, but also protects against diseases and improves mood.

For your attention – 12 reasons why it is advisable to lift weights

1. You will live longer Regular exercise really makes life longer, and muscle building workouts are especially helpful in this regard. With age, muscles sag, but the stronger your muscles, the longer you will live. So instead of turning our heads on the weight or body mass index, we should focus more on muscle tightening.

2. Sleep better People who exercise regularly sleep better. 2012 a study showed that older men who weighed less often woke up at night and slept harder compared to those who did not exercise.

3. Progress is evident What could be better than setting a goal and achieving it? If you are a newbie, you will see that you are starting to lift more and more weights. Well, and then it will include satisfaction.

4. Protect your bones Endurance exercises increase bone density, which reduces the risk of fractures in older people.

5. You improve balance Well, the bones of older people break when they fall … Weight lifting protects against osteoporosis, it also improves balance, so you will fall less often.

6. You will feel happier As with any physical activity, weight lifting is very beneficial to mental health. These workouts reduce anxiety, depressive symptoms, boost self-confidence, and even improve brain function.

7. You’ll look nicer with sleek jeans We don’t offer to lift weights just for looks, but to lose weight is a more effective way than cardio training, says coach Nick Tumminello. He advises eating healthy and lifting weights regularly.

8. Burn more calories With more muscle the body burns more calories even if you just sit.

9. Enough for 30 min. duration training Endurance training will not take all day. To be fair, a week is enough to devote 30 to 60 minutes to such workouts.

10. You don’t have to go to the gym We say “move weights”, but in fact endurance training can be different – you can even move pots in the kitchen, you can strengthen endurance only by using body weight. By the way, many gyms are not suitable for all people.

11. You will run faster Or you will sail longer, cycle longer or so. The stronger the muscles, the more endurance.

12. Strengthens the heart Not only cardio training strengthens the heart. Endurance training has been shown to lower blood pressure, sometimes no worse than medication. The American Association of Cardiologists advises adults to do endurance exercises at least twice a week.

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