4 CBD Strains That Can Help To Reduce Your Munching Habit

4 CBD Strains That Can Help To Reduce Your Munching Habit

One of the most commonly associated effects of cannabis usage is ‘the munchies.’ Both users and non-users are pretty aware of the appetite stimulation that follows cannabis consumption. But not all strains induce the same or similar effects. The versatility of cannabis strains is such that some can alleviate appetite and reduce the yearning to resort to munching habits.

The type and ratio of cannabinoid composition in each strain influence its interaction with the endocannabinoid system. Strains with a dominant THC presence, or the psychoactive chemical in cannabis, tend to increase appetite. The reason behind this effect is that the compound binds at CB1 receptors scattered across the body to trigger a feeling of hunger. But CBD, the other major cannabinoid of cannabis, has a different interaction mechanism with the endocannabinoid system. 

The compound binds and triggers CB2 receptors that are known to suppress the effects initiated by CB1 receptors. This way, the cannabinoid can effectively curb appetite. Choosing CBD-rich strains can thus reduce appetite to catalyze results along the weight loss journey. It can also reduce the risk of unhealthy snacking habits, typical after using some strains of weed. Here are the top four appetite-suppressing strains to look out for in the market. 

  1. AC/DC

AC/DC is a hemp-dominant variety with a competent THC to CBD ratio of 1:30. It is a hybrid strain carrying the perfect balance of Indica and Sativa characteristics, with the effects slightly leaning towards Sativa. The Cannatonic lineage places it as one of the most sought-out strains for appetite suppression. The variety does not cause a high or a feeling of hunger and instead clears the mind to improve focus. 

The dominant CBD composition entitles the strain to induce a soothing and calming effect on the mind and body. The smell of lemongrass and cherries combined with the relaxation effects of the cannabinoids can typically have a rejuvenating effect. 

The strain also exhibits an enticing terpene profile comprising myrcene, limonene, pinene that catalyzes its appetite suppression effects. While CBD-rich strains are typically helpful to create high-quality CBD oil and concentrate, such as by Lazarus Naturals, AC/DC holds up as a stable finished bud. This way, you can smoke or create edibles at home to dose.

  1. Sour Tsunami

A Sativa dominant hybrid, Sour Tsunami, is the perfect choice to keep away from THC while enjoying the amazing benefits of cannabis. The bold combination of pinene, terpinolene, and myrcene introduces earthy tones to the strain elevated by the hints of herbs, spices, and florals. The buds can cause physical and mental relaxation while inducing a sense of euphoria. 

The high CBD presence in the strain, which can range up to 13% compared to THC at just 1%, is responsible for the many medicinal benefits possible from the variety. Some of these benefits include improving mood, curbing pain and anxiety.  

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Depression, anxiety, and lack of sleep are the most common causes of obesity. Improper sleep patterns, sometimes influenced by stress, could trigger a yearning to munch at odd hours in the day. Stress eating during peak anxious moments can also harm overall health. Sour Tsunami induces anti-anxiety benefits along with relieving the effects of stress on physical and mental wellness. It reduces the need to resort to snacking habits for coping with sleeplessness or nervousness and thus aids in effective weight loss. 

  1. Charlotte`s Web

Charlotte’s web is yet another CBD enriched strain with barely any THC content. The strain is most useful for CBD oil extraction, given an abundance of 18-20% CBD concentration. It enables the variety to deliver the medicinal benefits of cannabidiol-like treating epilepsy without the intoxicating effects. But the buds, although bare no trichomes due to the low concentration of THC, can also alleviate appetite. 

With Sativa-like characteristics, this hybrid strain exhibits a piney and dank aroma with hints of rose and mint. It can activate serotonin receptors to boost mood and curb problems such as insomnia and anxiety. Charlotte`s web works wonders to curb compulsive eating, a habit commonly observed among individuals under mental pressure. The strain creates a relaxing and blissful feeling in the mind and body to promote euphoria and divert the mind from craving comfort food. 

  1. Harlequin

Harlequin is a classic Sativa dominant variety that can induce a mildly relaxing high. Expressing a THC: CBD ratio of 1:2, the rich concentration of cannabidiol suppresses appetite-stimulating properties of THC to keep individuals from craving unhealthy snacks. The enticing hints of herbs, pine, and fruits add a soothing sweetness to the strain that is almost like relishing a dessert. 

The presence of caryophyllene, pinene, and myrcene relaxes the body and promotes improved focus. It can also curb pain, mood swings, stress, insomnia, depression, all of which can induce binge eating habits. The energizing benefits of the strain will keep the mind engaged, thus keeping thoughts about snacking away or overeating. 

A few other CBD dominant strains with unique appetite suppression properties include Pennywise, Aliens On Moon. You can also explore strains with THCV presence that can also offer better appetite control on the users. A few such strains include Dutch Treat and Jack The Ripper. 


Explore these incredible CBD dominant strains that can suppress your appetite efficiently. Utilizing these herbs during your weight loss regimen may support a successful transition. Make sure to purchase only high-quality cannabis from trusted vendors, like authorized dispensaries or reputed brands, to increase safety and efficacy. 

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