5 Effective Ways to Keep your Children Safe on the Roads This Winter

5 Effective Ways to Keep your Children Safe on the Roads This Winter

Keeping children safe is the utmost priority of every parent. Especially when travelling with kids, parents feel vulnerable as there are numerous risks associated with road safety. As winters are here, many parents look for tips and tricks that will ensure the safety of their little ones. We bring you 5 ways to keep children safe on Alberta roads.

1. Rethink The Winter Jackets

Bulky winter jackets are a keep kids warm especially in Canadian winters, but they might not be work as well for safety as they do against the cold. Especially if you are putting your children in car seats, you should consider skipping the jackets. In spite of the tight straps, the extra padding of the jacket can compress during a crash, causing an injury or ejection. Invest in thin layers of insulated clothing like mittens or a thin fleece jacket instead. You can also use a blanket to cover them up, just remember to take it over the strap.

2. Carry a Roadside Emergency Kit

While most parents always carry some food and their kid’s favourite toys on every car ride, there are a few other essentials that will keep your children safe in case of a breakdown. Make sure you have reflective triangles, an extra set of warm clothing if your baby gets wet during a winter outing, a blanket, first aid kit, water and other emergency supplies in your car. Make the kit ready before winters approach so that you’re well-prepared on the roads if you get stuck in the snow.

3. Winter Tires

You’ve heard it a million times, but probably think that winter tires aren’t for you. However, if you’re driving on Alberta roads in winter, it is always recommended upgrading to winter tires. They offer better directional control, reduce stopping distances and also improve traction. You can be a confident driver on snow and ice with winter tires and this will give you additional peace of mind when driving around your kids in the car.

4. Choose the Right Car Seat

All children under the age of 3 must be secured in a car seat as per law and your responsibility as a parent. Make sure to get the right car seat based on the height, weight and age of your baby as the wrong car seat can have life-threatening consequences. Also, make sure all buckles and straps are securely fastened. This will protect your child in case of any mishap in the snow.

5. Keep Your Children Occupied

When driving in cold weathers, drivers need more concentration than ever. If your little ones are not occupied, it could lead to distracted driving. In order to keep child passengers engaged during a drive, consider carrying some interesting games and puzzles in the car. You can also bring their favourite music or movies along in a portable movie player. Remember to take adequate rest stops and carry snacks packs to keep children comfortable during long journeys.

Before you start driving in winters, think about the small details to ensure safety on the road. These include starting early so that you have the extra time to drive cautiously on icy roads, keeping the straps of the car seat tightly secured, maintaining the temperature of the car seat by keeping it inside the house when not in use, etc. Following these simple tips will ensure the safety of your children on roads during the harsh winter months.

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