5 Proven Strategies To Prevent Snoring

5 Proven Strategies To Prevent Snoring

Snoring may seem like an embarrassing habit to have, but almost 45% of adults suffer from this problem. This habit may disturb the people you share a room with, and you may want to look at home remedies for the same. But before we discuss remedies, it is best to understand why we snore. When air flows through your throat, it may lead to snoring.

This happens only when your throat muscles are relaxed which causes them to vibrate when the air passes. This leads to the sound of snoring. In a scenario when you have a nasal blockage, air passes through only your throat. Excessive air passing through your throat makes the muscles vibrate even more leading to the creation of the snoring sound. A relaxed throat muscle and nasal blockage are the symptoms which trigger snoring.


In case you feel like you have a chronic snoring issue and home remedies are not making the cut to help you with your snoring, it is best to visit a doctor. Doctors can prescribe you medicines or even conduct a sleep study to better understand your condition. For more serious cases of snoring which is complemented by OSA or obstructive sleep apnea, where you may feel a partial blockage of your upper airway or even episodes when you are unable to breathe, you need to visit a sleep specialist. They will recommend sleeping devices which is best to be used under their guidance.

5 proven ways to stop snoring is listed below:

1.Change in your sleeping position

While sleeping on your back, your throat muscles relax which may block your airway, leading to you snoring. A change in your sleeping position, preferably lying on your side, has proven to be effective. This reduces the chances of your relaxed throat muscles partially blocking your airway, thereby reducing the chances of you snoring. You can try this method and ask the person you share your room with the following morning to find out if it was effective.

2.Change in your lifestyle

If you are living an unhealthy lifestyle where you consume a lot of fatty foods and do not exercise, chances are you will develop fatty tissues around your neck. While sleeping, these fatty tissues can create pressure around your airway making it difficult for air to move in and out freely. This leads to snoring. Maintaining a balanced diet, and exercising regularly can help significantly reduce snoring caused due to the accumulation of excessive fat. Running or light jogging once a day, has proved to be the most effective form of exercise if you have a busy day.

3.Avoiding activities like excessive drinking before bed and smoking

Drinking alcohol before bed leads to your throat tissues relaxing more than it regularly does. Highly relaxed throat muscles become a hindrance for free passage of air, leading to snoring. It has been proven that alcohol should be avoided for at least four hours before bedtime in order for you to reduce your snoring habit. In case you are a regular smoker, your snoring habit may stem from your smoking habits. Cigarettes tend to cause irritation to your nose and lining of your throat, leading to swelling. In this scenario, swelling causes decreased airflow and makes you snore. It is best if you cut down on cigarettes especially before bedtime if you want to cope with your snoring.

4.Avoid sleeping pills

Sleeping pills or other forms of sedative medications make your muscles relax. When this happens to your throat muscles, your relaxed throat muscles proves to be an obstruction for free passage of hair. It is best to avoid these kinds of medications before bed. In case you require medications for sleeping, it is best to contact your doctor for either an alternative medicine or for other methods to stop snoring which will be better suited to your needs.

5.Try to keep your nasal passage clear

Sometimes excessive mucus can constrict your nasal passage, making it difficult for you to breathe freely. You can try sinus cleanses before bed to help with this. In case you are prone to allergies, you can use doctor prescribed medication. Dust allergy is the most common form of allergy making your nasal tissues swell. Humidifier, nasal sprays or doctor prescribed medications is the best way to solve this problem.

6.Try Anti-snoring Pillow

Anti-snoring pillows surprisingly work well. These pillows are designed in a way that prevents you from snoring. It’s the shape & structure of these pillows that does the trick. Initially, it may feel difficult getting used to these pillows as it fundamentally changes the way you sleep, but give it some time; it’s definitely worth it.

Establishing regular sleeping patterns and getting enough sleep has also proved to be beneficial. Apart from these home fixes to prevent snoring, it is always recommended to visit a trained professional.

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