5 Surprising Benefits Of Foot Massage For Your Health

5 Surprising Benefits Of Foot Massage For Your Health

Having a foot massage after your stressful, complicated day can provide a greater relief from the depression and anxiety you face the whole day. The rubbing motion will provide a soothing feel and eliminate all type of pain, aches, and tension with ease.

These benefits are some of the basic ones that you might have already known, below are some of the surprising advantages of Foot massages for your health.

What is Foot Massage?

Before knowing about the benefits, it’s mandatory for myself to explain the process of foot massage. Pampering your feet to make them flexible, secure and can be practiced for all type of age persons. Even foot massage is one of the best alternatives of different type of health problems like pains, swelling, etc.

There are various types of foot massage techniques to keep yourself healthy and active when foot massage combines with the reflexology or acupressure the benefit you gain is reliably high. Pampering your feet by pressing on the several areas on your foot stimulates the functioning of internal glands and organs.

Role Of Foot Massager

There are different types of foot massagers’ available namely portable foot massagers, Shiatsu foot massager and much more. These massagers are affordable in price and effective to get rid of health issues with ease.

Consider getting a good foot massager and get relieved from any pain or aches, have an improved energy and overall health to enjoy your life in a better way.

Benefits of Foot Massage Reflexology Technique

Let’s check out the incredible health benefits a foot massage along with reflexology provides you in brief below.

Efforts your wellness and Promotes Mental Health

A recent study performed by the University of Hertfordshire has stated that “a five-minute foot massage provided can bring out more relaxation to the Critical Care Patients,” pampering the foot is reducing their blood pressure, heart rate, stress levels, etc. to make them stay healthy.

It’s proved psychologically that a daily foot massage can bring more health aspects, another study in the US has declared that a 10-minute foot massage daily helps in promoting your health mentally and also increase your mood and energy.

Natural Pain Reliever

When foot massage added with reflexology, it acts as an alternative medicine for most of the health issues. The reflexology points at your feet represent different parts of your body and therefore massaging at the particular reflexology point can relieve your pain at the specific part of the body efficiently.

Relief from Chemotherapy Side Effects and Cancer Symptoms

According to the University of Canberra, the foot massage had a significant role in getting a huge consolation for the cancer patients, they not only had the relief from the pain but also slowly started being healthy and they faced reduced cancer symptoms which are really a good factor.

The cancer patients who took foot massage with the help of foot massagers had less breath shortness and found a huge difference in improved energy levels. Foot massages are also powerful in neglecting the side effects that are caused due to the chemotherapy.

Eliminates menopause and PMS symptoms

Mood swings, headaches, fatigue, Insomnia, Irritability, etc. are some of the common symptoms caused during the menopause and PMS periods. At this time you will feel worried and uncomfortable, having a foot massage on these days for ten minutes can provide a greater relaxation from the above issues, better health, and improved mood and energy.

Better Sleep

Most of the persons who find difficulties in getting sleeping are high , especially the businessmen and other late night workers. Getting a foot massage helps to have a sound sleep and peaceful sleep without any hard feelings.

Foot massage helps in relieving your stress and anxiety, which is being the major reason for insomnia, the solar plexus can be the better idea to assist you in making you feel asleep, this also ensures superior blood circulation, and therefore you are assured of the better health.

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