5 Ways How Seat Cushions Makes Sitting Less Painful

5 Ways How Seat Cushions Makes Sitting Less Painful

Regardless of you what job function you do in an office, you likely spend a lot of time sitting. Office chairs of today are far better than they were even 10 years ago, however many people still suffer from chronic back pain or coccyx due to poor support in their office chair. Back trouble is not the only ailment associated with sitting, poor posture, cramps, and chronic body aches can also be a problem with those who sit long periods of time in an office.

Of course you can try changing your chair, and this may fix your problems. But it is a costly solution but not always an effective one. To enhance the comfort and support of an office chair that many have success with, there are products that are available. A swivel seat cushion poly cotton navy is a support system you use with your chair that provide extra support in the high pressure points of your back and upper body, preventing chronic pain.

The design type

Swivel seat cushion poly cotton navy come in a variety of styles and designs, but most either have a pad portion that you sit on, and may have a lumbar portion behind your back. On areas like your lower back to enhance your chair’s built in support, and relieve pain such as that caused by coccyx, the idea is to use a more supportive type of material. Tend to have more of an orthopedic design, as opposed to the stylish and décor design of a chair, and are solely focused on the comfort and support of the sitter.

Material used

Memory foam is the usual material used for these swivel seat cushion for car due to its unique properties in providing body support. Memory foam is a firm but soft material that effectively moulds to whatever is imprinted onto it. The ‘memory’ portion of the material refers to the fact that it retains the molded shape longer than other materials, making it ideal for things like seat cushions that are supporting curved shapes like the human body.

Ease of placement

A rotating cushion is easily added to your chair, usually just by placing it on top of the chair while some have attachment straps to keep it in place. You can experiment with slightly different positions of the cushion and see what gives best support. The best part is that installing, replacement, or trying a new memory foam seat cushion is much less expensive than trying a new office chair.

Other applications

As you will find them being used in the home, as car lumbar support cushions, or just about any other situation where there is prolonged sitting, these types of seat cushions have got into other applications as well. Some people even transport their cushion from chair to chair to ensure they get the same support wherever the happen to be sitting.

Consider a memory foam seat cushion as a possible solution, if you are looking to improve your sitting comfort while in the office, especially if you are suffering from back pain or discomfort.

Remedy for back ache

Maybe it’s in the workplace that we feel that the seating arrangements are insufficient, and even in your home. If we sit for a long time on a rough chair or seat, we will surely have ache the following day. This naturally becomes a real trouble if it’s not a one off event. Sitting irritatingly for a long time should be avoided when possible, but when it is not a regular event, it isn’t so essential.

The use however of a comfortable seat cushion such as a memory foam cushion can help with our posture and relieve much discomfort which would otherwise be experienced. If we look at a vehicle seat, we will notice that they’re always foam padded and have lumbar support. This is due to it is essential to be sitting pleasantly for lengthy journeys. Thus it is vital to be seated comfortably even if you’re not on the move, like in the workplace or the home. A lot of offices have unsuitable furnishings that may lead to lumber and back problems, and if you find yourself in this class, you want to speak to your boss or person responsible.

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