6 Surprising Parts of the Body to Massage to Relieve Your Headaches

6 Surprising Parts of the Body to Massage to Relieve Your Headaches

The two common pains people suffer from are headaches and migraines. The pain can take various forms ranging from mild to throbbing, for an hour or two.

A lot of people are switching to healthier lifestyles ranging from food to clothes. What we take into our bodies affect us all in different forms. So instead of running to your medicine cabinet to pop an aspirin pill for your headache why not massage some points of your body.

To get rid of headaches, you can apply slight pressure to certain pressure points called acupressure. Acupressure is an ancient Chinese healing method that locates clusters of nerves at various points of the body. This helps to regulate blood circulation to the ailing parts of the body.

For headaches usually brought on by anxiety, common cold or menstruation, it is caused by tightness and stiffness in the neck and face muscles. Therefore to relieve your headache, you can stimulate the pressure points by massaging them. This massage will help relax tight muscles and increase blood circulation.

Over the counter medicine provides instant relief in most cases and can even be temporal. Using pressure points not only treats the problem but heals what is ailing you from within completely.

The 6 massage points to relieve your headaches

Say goodbye to your headache by learning where these pressure points are and what to do. There are specific regions of the body to apply pressure for relief. Applied pressure clears blocked meridians so that the body can release endorphins, the natural painkiller the body produces.

Forehead Region to Massage

Points on the face and forehead are full of energy that generate from the head and face and flows downwards.

Third Eye Point

This point is located between your two eyebrows where the bridge of the nose meets the forehead. The pressure applied to this point improves concentration, relieves headaches and eye strain as well as ulcer pains. For this to be effective apply pressure for 1 minute and move to the next point.

Bright Light Point

The inner corner of your eyes just below your eyebrows are where these points are. The pressure applied to these points work to relieve allergy symptoms and sinus headaches. It can also help you improve your vision. The time duration for this pressure point massage is 1 minute.

Temple Region to Massage

There is a chain of points that curl around the ear in the temple region. This starts from the top of the ear and can be located one finger width from the ear. All points must be massaged in a simultaneous fashion for effective results.

The pressure applied to these points relieves temporal headaches. Especially those on the sides of the head as well as migraines. The points are numbered from 1 to 5 to show where these points can be located in the image easily.

  1. Hairline Curve
  2. Valley Lead
  3. Celestial Hub
  4. Floating White
  5. Head Portal

Face Region Massage :-  Some points of your face can be massaged to relieve you of headaches.

Fragrance point :- The pressure points are located on both sides of your nostril. For relieve from opening sinuses and reducing headaches caused by tension, these pressure points will do just that. Apply pressure for 1 minute simultaneously.

Neck Region Massage :- These points not only target the neck but the collarbone area as well.

Wind Pool :- These points are located at the back of your head specifically between your ear and spine. That is the two muscles that come together at the back of your neck. Massaging or applying pressure to this area helps to unblock nasal congestion, relieve pain in your eyes, ears, throat as well as the headaches.

Shoulder Well:- This point is located at the edge of the shoulder. This is the point between your shoulder and base of your neck. To relieve stiffness of neck and shoulders, apply pressure to this point. It also helps to relieve other ailments like asthma and spasms.

Heaven’s Pillar :- To locate these points, place 2 fingers below the base of your skull on the rope-like muscles present on both sides of the spine. These pressure points help to relieve aches of the back of the head, stress, eye strain, insomnia, and headaches. Simulating this point is also known as a cough relief.

The Union Valley :- This is the point between your thumb and index finger. Applying pressure to the web between your thumb and index finger relieves back pain, frontal headaches, toothaches and releases tension from the neck and head.

Foot :- The valley between your big toes and second is where this point is located. Applying pressure or massaging this point relieves foot cramps, headaches, and tiredness of the eye.

Start Massaging:- Headaches are no doubt a common problem that has plagues most if not all of us at a point in our lives. Perhaps like me, you are tired of taking pills to alleviate the problem. Applying pressure and massaging the pressure points listed above not only relieves headaches but other problems as well.

Experiment with your chosen pressure points because there are some that work more effectively with some headache types. Some points may also show strong results whilst others may take time. So you can try out each pressure point to know which works the best for you.

Note however that this article is not a substitute for medical advice. For professional advice, visit your local acupuncture office. Also, for persistent headaches, visit the hospital for a proper diagnosis.

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