6 Things Women Should Do During Pregnancy

6 Things Women Should Do During Pregnancy

As we know during pregnancy our body changes continuously, every month brings new symptoms, developments and changes for baby. Most of the women find these changes very interesting, and exciting. And it is very important that you know how you have to tackle all these changes for making sure that you and your baby both are healthy.

Especially when you are six months pregnant, you should take care of everything from healthy eating to clinical session, regularly.

  1. Birthing partner

You should start searching for a birthing partner as soon as the birth grows closer. You can hire local doulas in your city. Doulas are women who have experience of these situations and these women will guide you, and provide you support, during birth or after the birth. They are supposed to give advice and help during the time of pregnancy. A doula will help you for getting prepared to give birth and also take some stress off your shoulders.

  1. Take a glucose test

During pregnancy, you are supposed to take a glucose test, in week 24 or week 28. These tests are meant to have a check for gestational diabetes. For this test, you have to drink a container of glucose and then after one hour, you have to check your blood. If the test shows positive results, then it means you have gestational diabetes, and due to this you will be put on a particular diet and you have to check your glucose levels every day. This doesn’t signify that you will be diabetic patient for the rest of your life; normally gestational diabetes use to stay until you give birth to a baby.

  1. Ask for a back massage

In the sixth month of pregnancy, you will see lots of new symptoms, which you will find very unpleasant. Some symptoms could be like these; you may feel heartburn, pain in your back and gas, painful feet. So, in this situation, you can opt for a back or foot massage.

  1. Start a registry

You can also opt for having a registry for your baby. Especially if you are having your first baby, it will be very helpful to you. You can start with all essentials, for example, a carrier, onesies, wipes, diapers, or a cot. By doing so you can lower down the cost and also you can make sure that you have everything ready in your wardrobe for the arrival of your baby.

  1. Do kegels

Six months pregnant ladies should do Kegels, as during this time period baby growth is continuous, and due to this internal organ of a mother are put under a lot of pressure. By doing Kegels you can keep everything in control of your bladder, and this thing is very helpful especially when you are laughing or sneezing.

  1. Buy maternity clothes and pillows

When a lady is six months pregnant, she should buy special maternity clothes and pillows. These days’ special pregnancy pillows UK are available in the market, which you could buy. They will help you to sleep more comfortably.

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