7 Proven Ways to Deal With an Intense Marijuana High

7 Proven Ways to Deal With an Intense Marijuana High

Once a friend of mine painstakingly entered through the door of my house. She constantly ran back and forth while I tried to calm her down. It seemed she had been put a sunder by an invisible force and had lost her sanity. For a brief moment, I was amid a monologue between my smart and wary self. I could not decide how to deal with the situation until I found her sleeping on my bed. Phew! There was a sigh of relief and the next morning she revealed the reason behind her abnormal behavior. Of course, it was a cannabis loaded chocolate cake that made her hallucinate overnight. She had stuffed an entire piece of cake and it lead to the drama I just narrated.

But the incident forced me to delve deeper into the insights of cannabis overdose. Here is what I know about cannabis now and how this post can help you combat an intense high.

Is there an association between cannabis and overdose


I came across a research in which the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) revealed that the exposure to a high dose of cannabis is not fatal. Likewise, it will be difficult to relate cannabis with death. The report also went on to say that among drug addicts in the U.S. cannabis was the least contributing factor. So, it will be safe to say that if you overdose on cannabis, you are likely to have the following symptoms and death thankfully isn’t one of them:

  1. Increased heart rate
  2. Hallucinations
  3. Hyperactivity
  4. Dizziness
  5. Vomiting
  6. Anxiety

In addition to this, cases of death due to a lethal dose of marijuana are not reported regularly. Moreover, rats are experimented with a high dose of THC to determine the side effects. They are injected with THC and then a fair dose is determined. But as of now, it will be fair to say that an individual will have to take an excessively high amount of cannabis dose in order to die. This is why you hear the cases of death due to opioid consumption more often than cases due to marijuana intake.

What are the reasons behind ‘greening out’?

The term ‘greening out’ is used for individuals who accidentally overdose on marijuana. Now, it is vital to note that if you are smoking cannabis, it will directly travel to your lungs and cause a high. The effect will be immediate with no side effects. Instead, you will feel calm and relaxed. Whereas if you consume a high amount of THC-infused cannabis edibles, you are likely to suffer from the side effects. This happens because you are consuming a slightly different form of THC. This form will affect you but after a measurable amount of time.

Say if you had a piece of cannabis-filled brownie, it is most likely that you will suffer from hallucinations. But this doesn’t mean that you will have a stroke-causing immediate death. Moreover, the National Institute of Cancer deems that cannabinoid receptors are not present in the brainstem area. As a result of which the chances of lethal overdose from cannabinoids minimizes.

Having said that, let us take a look at some of the best ways to deal with an intense high.

Prevention is better than cure

It is necessary to learn the difference between an optimum dose and a high dose. For the same purpose, you can take recommendations with the help of a medical cannabis card. A recommendation will help you analyze the amount of cannabis you should consume in a day. But always remember if you are consuming medical marijuana for a particular condition, the dose should stay under strict supervision.

But if you have to view the role of marijuana from a recreational perspective. A beginner’s dose should range between 5mg-10mg. However, in the case of edibles, a dose between 2-mg to 5mg should suffice the need. So, it is best to keep the dose in mind before starting a session or before cooking a food item with cannabis.

Additionally, the best counteractive solution to fight an intense THC high is CBD. CBD is also one of the main components of the cannabis plant and it is psychoactive. But if you don’t have CBD, read below and find out what you can do.

Try to stay calm and composed

Let me take you back to the incident I narrated at the beginning of the post. My friend was running back and forth because she couldn’t control her thoughts and hallucinations overpowered her. Though she remembered the incident and explained it to me to only come to one conclusion. She exclaimed that if only she would have stayed calm the situation would have been under control. So, folks, it is necessary to stay calm. Because THC is working its way through your bloodstream and it will take time to come out of your system.

Water and food will go a long way

Drink a liquid in the form of juice or water. It is best to have plenty of water in such a situation. Because water is one of the best ways to excrete toxins from the body. Not only this, but water will also prevent you from having a dry mouth. That is to say, you will feel much better after sipping water from time to time.

On the other hand, eating light snacks is also a good way to keep thoughts in control. But how can food be helpful? It’s said that food items rich in nutrients will bind with the cannabinoids. In turn, the blood will flow in the direction of the stomach and reduce the tendencies of an intense high. So, the outcome is that a little snack like seeds and nuts won’t hurt you.

Stand under a cold shower

The idea might sound absurd. But it is a proven fact that a cold shower has the power to drop the heart rate. As soon as the heart rate drops, the temperature of your body will decrease and it will start preserving energy and oxygen. The process is basically a reaction of your body to the sudden change in the outside temperature. Bottom line. No matter how hard it is for you to get under a shower. To combat an intense high you have to stand under the shower to distract your mind from the side effects.

Go off to sleep

Just like my friend went off to sleep, even you should. This advice comes from personal experience and trust me it works quite effectively. So, sleep over it and wake up to a normal life after a few hours. If in case you are at your friend’s place, look for a secluded place and lay down for a while. It might be possible that you have unusual dreams. But the process will only last a few minutes. And as soon as it withdraws its effects, you will sleep like a baby.

Before I bid adieu, here are some more things you can try. First, try to distract yourself by watching TV or listening to mellow songs. Second, surround yourself with friends and relatives you can trust and third, try going out in the fresh air. But, if all the methods fail it is always best to take medical help from a certified doctor. Now go ahead and try some edibles but make sure you don’t gulp an entire piece of that edible. After all excess of everything is bad.

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