Alcohol and its effect on your eyes

Alcohol and its effect on your eyes

It’s a known fact that alcohol affects our bodies in a pessimistic way that can either be temporary or prolonged. Ever thought about its impact on our eyes? Indeed, alcohol can impair our vision in the short run but what about individuals addicted to it? The details can help you understand alcohol intake and its effect on your eyesight.

Alcohol, your eyes & the connection

If you’re living in a country where alcohol isn’t prohibited, infrequent consumption wouldn’t have any real negative effects but significant intake wouldn’t only make you doozy but can blur the vision as well. For the addicted, these short-term changes are likely to result in permanent damage to your vision. Alcohol intake can be either through drinking or substance abuse, alternate source such as drug-filled cigarettes and so on. All such can damage the liver and eyes altogether.

Heavy drinking & impact on eyesight

Excessive intake of alcohol for a prolonged period damages the brain, compromise an individual’s ability to think as well as diminish eye health. An individual might face blur vision (temporarily) or double vision that can last for a lifetime especially if the habit persists. All such impairments are a result of weakened eye muscles due to overuse of alcohol which alters the peripheral vision thus causing tunnel vision. Since pupils are unable to react appropriately, it makes driving totally unsafe.

In addition, alcohol also compromises your ability to distinguish between colours. Optic neuropathy is another problem associated with excess alcohol use. Though painless, the onset can cause vision loss, declines the peripheral vision and diminishes you to identify different shades.

Eye consultants in Dubai are likely to identify if the person is alcoholic while performing their eye examination. With that, migraines are also triggered due to excessive alcohol intake that is associated with photophobia (light sensitivity) and many other vision issues. Blood vessels in the eyes also expand among the individuals taking too much alcohol due to which their eyes appear red and bloodshot.

Adding to the list of side-effects is rapid eye movement that’s common among the alcoholics. This particular condition is involuntary back and forth movement of the eye whereas eye paralysis is another negative impact due to essential vitamin depletion as a result of alcohol.

Other effects

Double vision, blurriness, flashes and floaters; all are effects of alcohol on the eyes that can further become serious if one doesn’t rid the habit. Symptoms and side-effects tend to vary among individuals, but none are ignorable or acceptable. It has long been a debate that too much alcohol reduces essential eye antioxidants with raises the risk of cataract development.

Preventive measures

Giving up alcohol permanently is perhaps the best prevention against many adverse health effects including that of vision and eyesight. Be careful of products that include alcohol as preservatives or perhaps as a primary manufacturing ingredient of which you’re unaware of.

Check the label before making any purchase or simply ask the seller. Whether alcohol intake or another, all eye and vision-related anomalies must be evaluated by professional eye consultants in Moorfields Dubai.

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