All You Need To Know About Total Knee Replacement in Ahmedabad

All You Need To Know About Total Knee Replacement in Ahmedabad

Knees are one of the most vital parts of your body, particularly because they convey your body weight and help you move around. Knee replacement involves evacuating parts of one’s natural knee joint and replacing them with artificial ones. Total knee replacement in Ahmedabad is now safe and reasonable. One has to abide by the directions and suggestions of the trauma surgeon for a fast recuperation.

Total Knee Replacement in Ahmedabad

Why would I require a Total Knee Replacement?

There are multiple conditions in which knee replacement might be required like osteoarthritis. This basically means that the cartilage of the knee has been worn out and the top and the bottom of the tibia and femur are now rubbing together. This results in extreme pain to the patient and makes it difficult to use the knee in the same way as earlier.

Do I need a knee replacement?

If you are facing difficulties in performing daily chores like getting dressed, then it might be time to consider this procedure. Doctors generally tend to delay the procedure by prescribing medications or other non-invasive procedures. However, at an advanced stage of the disease, total knee replacement in Ahmedabad procedure offers the chance to the patient to return to a normal lifestyle as they get a massive relief from pain.

What is a Total Knee Replacement?

Total knee replacement means removing the end of the thigh bone and the top of the shinbone, rubbing together of which causes pain, and replacing them with artificial knee implants. The artificial implants basically replicate the functioning of the joint and make it easier for the patient to use the knee without pain. There are various types of artificial implants available and your doctor can suggest the best one for your specific case.

How before long would I be able to come back to normal activities after surgery?

Most patients are able to walk with the help of aid within six weeks. Some patients can also start driving the car within a couple of months after the surgery. In most of the cases, a successful total knee replacement in Ahmedabad will reduce your pain and stiffness and will allow you to resume your daily activities. However, there will be some restrictions like the inability to play contact sports or activities that put excessive strain on your knee.

What Happens After Surgery?

You will need to stay in the hospital for 3-5 days. Within a month, with proper physiotherapy, you will see a dramatic improvement in your condition.

You will be able to stand on your own on the day after the surgery. Subsequently, you will be able to walk with the help of walking aids, till your knee is able to support your full body weight. Once the muscle strength is restored with proper physiotherapy, most of the people are able to restore their daily activities except running and jumping.

Will an implant set off a metal detector?

As some knee implants are made of metal, there’s a chance that metal detectors will be set off. Some hospitals provide a card explaining that you have a knee implant which could have triggered the detector.

How much does a Knee Replacement Surgery Cost?

The cost of the knee replacement surgery will differ on various factors like the kind of implant used, the room opted for, stay in the hospital, etc.

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