An IVF Miracle For Infertility – A Great Step Towards IVF

An IVF Miracle For Infertility – A Great Step Towards IVF

IVF is the beam of hope for the infertile couple. IVF, form of In Vitro Fertilization is the process of fertilization outside the human body in which a woman’s egg is fertilized with a sperm artificially. Thousands of couple around the entire world are infertile, but thanks to medical occurrence IVF increasing your chances of getting pregnant. If you are thinking about IVF, it is important to know as much as you can about the process. It is also very important to know more about the center for IVF that you have decided for treatment.

Generally, a woman releases one egg in a month but in case of infertility, a woman needs more than this to get pregnant. The action of egg production can be increased with the help of fertility drugs. It increases the chances of booming pregnancy. Fertility drugs increase maturation of five or more eggs so that more embryos can be created and movement into your womb. This process is called ovarian stimulation phase. This state takes two weeks and involves daily injections of fertility drugs. You can get more information about it from the IVF center that you have selected.


Success rates for pregnancy using IVF are a lot better today than they were just a few years ago due to the best technology. There are a number of underlying factors that could mostly affect a successful IVF treatment like the age of mother, duration of infertility. The rate of success of IVF generally depends on the parentage hence the rates are likewise reported according to the age of the woman. The age of the mother is of utmost importance in the process since the older you get the less likely you would have a successful creation unless you use donor eggs.

At the last stage of ovarian stimulation phase, it will be must to visit the clinic every alternate day so that your doctor can monitor the growth of the follicles. Follicles are the sacs in the ovaries that carry an immature egg. When follicles are matured, the eggs will be harvested from an ovary and now the fusion with sperms will take a point in the laboratory. Egg harvest process will not hurt, although you may feel some cramps related to menstrual cramps afterward. Now the fertilization will take place.

After three to five days of fertilization, the embryo is now fit to transfer into the woman’s womb. The 3-5 days embryo transfer is called Blastocyst transfer and this stage is called the Blastocyst stage. After embryo transfer, the candidate for IVF will be asked to wait two weeks before you can take a pregnancy test. If a pregnancy test is positive, the patients are pregnant.

Ivf is the great creation of the medical world. The major progress in IVF technology has improved its success rates. If you are preparing to choose IVF for pregnancy, it will be necessary to choose the best IVF Center. Sunflower Women’s hospital is the best IVF clinic, which gives the best result as well as full fills your dream of parenting.

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