Are Weight Loss Pills Safe For You?

Are Weight Loss Pills Safe For You?

You probably have gained some kilos lately, and are trying to lose them, right? And, you are here, as you are considering trying out a weight loss pill to solve your problem. But hey, do you know everything about those so-called magic slimming pills? Are weight loss pills safe for you? Take some time and read hereinafter, to get an insight of weight loss pills. Let’s begin!

What are weight loss pills?

Weight loss pills or diet pills are capsules or tablets that contain chemicals that aid in weight loss. Some weight loss pills are also made with herbal extracts and are available in the market as natural weight loss supplements. These pills are the commercial answer to the question- how to lose weight fast?

These pills assist in weight loss in one or more of the following ways:

1.  Suppressing your appetite

By suppressing your appetite, the intake of your food is reduced and thus you end up eating less and this, in turn, will result in weight loss.

If you eat fewer calories than what is required, then your body will go into a calorie deficit state, which is very helpful for shedding those extra pounds.

2. Retarding the rate of nutrient absorption in your body

This method seems to be very useful for those who are binge eaters and have emotional effects if they eat less.

Here, even if you eat some extra, those won’t be getting absorbed into your body as the absorption here is limited by the pills.

3. Burning more calories in the body

Burning more calories will burn off the extra calories that may result in your extra weight. Also, this will help you to burn the existing extra calories.

Burning more calories than what is consumed will also result in a calorie deficit state, which is beneficial for losing weight.

Numerous weight loss pills are easily available in the market without any prescriptions. These are the ones that prove to be very harmful and sometimes deadly as well.

There are also prescription weight loss pills and natural weight loss capsules that are prescribed by doctors, dieticians, or nutritionists. These are safer and reliable as they improve your metabolism and feel you fill for a longer time and manage your weight.

Are weight loss pills safe for you?

Weight loss supplements are used by numerous people all around the world. Several segments of the US adult population use weight loss supplements. Many of those are long-term users and use nonprescription weight loss tablets (1). But does it make these tablets safe?

The problem arises when people use random pills that claim to get them slimmer with no workout or diet. Anybody would get attracted to the claim that you no longer have to do those tiring exercises and can eat whatever you wish yet, get that slim body.

But what you are not informed about is the ingredients that go into the pill. Most of the easily available pills affirm to be guaranteed weight loss pills and many do too, but the commercials often tend to hide their side effects from you.

Most over-the-counter pills are packed with harmful and sometimes deadly chemicals. This is what makes weight loss pills harmful.

Some of these pills that are called ‘fat trappers’ often have chitosan in them which is a kind of fibre obtained from powdered shells of crustaceans.

Even though some studies show that taking chitosan may help in weight loss, here, there is a risk of deficiency of fat-soluble vitamins and micronutrients as chitosans hinder the digestion and absorption of fats.

Another type of weight loss pill called fat burners may contain a kind of herb-derived stimulant called Ephedra (2) and another stimulant and appetite suppressor called Sibutramine (3).

Yes, ephedra can be effective when combined with ingredients like aspirin but its arbitrary usage can lead to increased blood pressure, strokes, and heart attacks. The same is true for Sibutramine as well.

Some pills may contain Fluoxetine which is a prescribed antidepressant (4), Phenolphthalein which is used as a laxative and has carcinogenic effects (5), Furosemide which is a prescribed diuretic and has an associated risk of ototoxicity aka damage to your heating system, Phenytoin which is used to treat seizures and the list goes on. None of this leads to safe and healthy weight loss but may end up being a threat to your health.

Natural weight loss supplements containing the goodness of natural weight loss substances are the best.  Seaweed extracts, White Kidney Bean Extracts, and Plant Extract like Grape Seed, Curcumin, Green Tea, Beetroot Powder, BioPerine, Kiwifruit Enzyme, Dandelion Root Powder etc have great weight loss benefits.

What is the safest way to lose weight?

As someone said, “what comes easy does not last and what lasts does not come easy”, the same rule applies when it comes to weight loss.

Try to remember, did you put on the weight overnight or in a few days? No. Then is it possible to lose it naturally in a few days?

While planning for your weight loss, you should always consider the methods that won’t be making any compromise with your health.

Yes. I know there are some products out there in the market that will be slimming you in a few weeks. But does it guarantee your safety?

The best approach for losing weight is following a proper diet and doing regular exercise. Yes! This traditional, old-fashioned method is a true gem. There is no safer way than this.

Consistently working out has also been linked to improved cardiovascular health, good endurance, slow aging, and improved digestion.

Always remember, weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint. Thus patience and consistency are your keys if you are opting for a traditional method.

But if you still opt for getting on a weight loss pill, as I have mentioned earlier, do it only under the guidance of a health professional.

Have you tried any weight loss pills earlier? Comment below!



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