Astonishing Causes of Male Impotence

Astonishing Causes of Male Impotence

Male impotence is termed as erectile dysfunction (ED) in the clinical field. Several things are responsible for causing this disorder. The causes of male impotence are broadly classified into two types –

  • Physical
  • Psychological

Male impotence is termed as Erectile Dysfunction in medical terminology. Male impotence is a result of poor blood supply to the penile region.

There are several reasons for developing ED and all are linked to one another in some or the other way.

The most astonishing causes of male impotence include:

1.Heart diseases

Men suffering from any kind of heart diseases have more chances to suffer from erection dysfunction as both of them are linked to each other. Erection occurs as a result of a sufficient amount of blood supply to the penile organ. Any ailment or disease that affects or damage the blood vessels supplying blood to the penile organ can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Likewise, atherosclerosis is a disease that affects the blood vessels in which the arteries harden and are narrowed due to deposition of fats and due to high blood pressure (hypertension), both of them obstruct the blood flow to the organ. When fats are banked in blood vessels carrying blood vessels to the penile organ, it leads to erectile dysfunction.

2.Use of some medicines

Prescription medicines used for treating ailments like high blood pressure, depression, or cholesterol-lowering medications can produce erectile dysfunction as a side effect.


individuals suffering from diabetes have high levels of glucose in their blood. The high blood sugar levels can have an adverse effect on nerves. If the nerves carrying the signal from the brain to the sexual organ is damaged, men will not be able to develop an erection, which leads to ED. overweight men, older men or men with high blood pressure are more prone to suffer.

4.Low testosterone hormone levels

Testosterone is an important male sex hormone and plays a vital role in producing erections. It is also responsible for sexual drive in men. Deficiency of this hormone can reduce sexual desire in men, which can resultantly lead to erectile dysfunction.

5.Unhealthy lifestyle

Men of today live a stressful life. They spend maximum time in the offices. So, they consume more junk food as well as processed foods, which are high in sugar, salt, and fat content. These foods are not good and can lead to obesity, cardiovascular diseases, which all are factors that lead to the development of erectile dysfunction. Addictions like smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and drug abuse also lead to erectile dysfunction. Lack of exercise, yoga or physical activity can make you overweight, which in some way responsible for causing ED.

Nowadays, the sexual disorder of ED is also affecting men below 40 years of age and it has become a common sexual disorder. Variety of treatment options are available these days for treating erectile dysfunction. Most of the men prefer taking Generic Viagra pills for their erection issues.

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