Cosmetic Dentistry – Basic Information About Its Types

Cosmetic Dentistry – Basic Information About Its Types

Your smile is one of the most important aspects of your appearance and having a perfect set of teeth boosts your level of confidence. However, if your teeth are discoloured, crooked or not into a proper figure then you can use cosmetic dentistry to get that perfect smile. Cosmetic dentistry is just a term that describes a variety of dental procedures in short. The primary aim of this type of dentistry is to help in restoring the natural beauty of your teeth. If your teeth are disfigured, then this treatment helps in enhancing your smile and boosts your level of confidence together. It’s a common behaviour that every human being feels embarrassed and inconvenient if they have gapped, decayed or discoloured teeth. Cosmetic dentistry was basically innovated just to get the appearance and function of natural teeth back again so that the person can live a normal life without any discomfort.

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments:

Today, dentistry has changed its image from pulling a tooth. It is now a new area of dentistry which is different from the general one in many ways. In traditional dentistry, the dentist just focuses on any issues related to the teeth or general monitoring of any oral diseases and hygiene. But cosmetic dentistry at Pennsylvania just focuses on improving the visual appearance of the patient’s teeth, mouth and smile. Today dentistry has just different types of treatments that can help you having that original teeth and smile like before:

  1. Bite Reclamation: This treatment is basically done to change the vertical dimension of people whose teeth have been wearing down since years due to excess grinding and acid reflux. Due to this their face and smile looks shorter than the normal ones. A loss of such vertical dimension or an over-closed bite leads to other jaw problems and pain. The tooth structure can also be destructed if you don’t get treated in time. After the completion of this treatment, patients have a closed and shorter appearance, which makes their face and smile look broader in size.
  2. Dental Bonding: Bonding improves the look of the teeth if they are chipped, broken, cracked, stained or have an excess space between them. The procedure involves application of enamel that improves your tooth surface, moulds it into a better shape, hardens through an ultraviolet or laser light when polished. The result then blends naturally with the structure of the surrounding teeth and improves the person’s smile then. This type of dental procedure is the easiest amongst all and can be done in a single visit only. Dental bonding can be basically used to fill small cavities or roots of the tooth. So generally this procedure is used as a replacement or an alternative or for amalgam fillings.
  3. Dental Braces: Nowadays both children and adults use dental braces to repair the crooked or misshapen teeth. It also helps in improving irregular jaw bite, any type of jaw joint disorders or positioning of the jaw. Dental braces work by applying steady pressure to the teeth and repositioning them in proper alignments. Dentists use different materials like metal, ceramic or porcelain brackets to bond them to your teeth. Arch wires are also threaded through the brackets to position the teeth properly. These braces are normally worn for about 1 to 3 years after which you can retain them from the teeth.
  4. Dental Bridges: Bridges are also sometimes called fixed partial dentures that are used to replace the missing teeth or close up any gaps between the teeth. Usually a bridge is made up of two crowns with one on each if the tooth with enough gap between them and a false tooth in between.
    Materials used for this treatment are gold, porcelain and alloy. This procedure normally takes two visits of one hour each. And these bridges can last for about 3 to 15 years if oral hygiene is strictly followed.
  5. Inlays/Onlays: This process is also known as indirect fillings. It is often made from porcelain or any other composite materials used to fill the tooth decays or any type of structural damage found in the teeth. Inlays and outlays are first created in a dental laboratory before the dentist moulds them and fits them into place. So whenever the material is bonded in the centre of a tooth, it is known as inlay and when the filling is done in one or more points in the tooth that includes the biting surface then it is known as onlay. This cosmetic dentistry procedure can be an alternative to using crowns and can preserve healthy teeth for a long time.
  6. Implants: This procedure is time consuming and replaces the missing teeth which are one of the most expensive treatments. These are titanium artificial tooth root replacements that are inserted into bone sockets of the missing teeth. This is another good alternative compared to bridges and dentures. There are usually three parts of a dental implant where a titanium metal is first infused to the jawbone, and then an abutment is placed over the part where the implant has been done. In the last step a crown is provide to give it a natural looking appearance to the implanted tooth.

Cosmetic dentistry in Pennsylvania is now becoming more and more popular these days since it has improved the appearance and smiles of many individuals. With the advent of new technologies, a wide array of tools and techniques are now available to dentists who help their patients with desired results. Before you undergo through any type of cosmetic dentistry treatment, an individual should know the risks first and then the advantages of the procedure. It is also important for you to know how the dentist performs the treatment, how much the entire procedure will cost and if there is any type of special maintenance required after the treatment. So learn more about dental care and how to save 10 to 60% on cosmetic dental care and other types of dentistry by visiting Media Brite Smile. Thus you can know more ways out to get that perfect smile by clicking the link. Read more here about our special dental offers at our website.

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