Benefits of Vitamin C in Your Diet

Benefits of Vitamin C in Your Diet

You have gone carnivore and want to experience how the king lion lives on meat alone in the jungle. That’s good of you, and an excellent exploration spirit you should maintain. But remember one critical component you need in your new-found carnivore diet—vitamin C is indispensable. Thus, get enough vitamin C in your diet lest your new diet routine backfires. This post shares the top reasons to take your vitamin C intake seriously as you embrace a carnivore diet.

An Excellent Antioxidant 

Vitamin C carnivore diet is critical since it is an antioxidant. It means that it helps your body neutralize free radicals that could damage your cells at their genetic level. Otherwise, you could stand higher chances of getting cancer.

May Reduce Blood Uric Acid Levels

Taking enough vitamin C in your diet enables you to reduce uric acid levels in your body. Why is this reduction critical to your health? Because it reduces the risk of developing gout. This type of arthritis affects around 4% of adult Americans. Moreover, it’s very painful and inflames your joints. Gout patients also suffer severe and sudden pain attacks. Therefore, taking enough vitamin C ensures your system functions properly and helps you build a healthy body.

Better Blood Pressure Management

Blood is your life because it’s the essential component that carries oxygen throughout your body. Thus, anything that affects its normal functioning, as an increase/decrease in pressure levels, risks your life. Moreover, any abnormality in your blood pressure exposes you to other health conditions like heart attacks. It’s worth noting that heart attack is a leading death cause worldwide.

The good news is that studies have repeatedly proved that taking enough vitamin C in your diet reduces your risks of suffering high blood pressure. This essential vitamin does this by lowering your blood pressure when it relaxes your arteries.

Prevents Iron Deficiency

Take your vitamin C intake seriously because it helps prevent iron deficiency in your body. Whatever be the diet you follow, vitamin C is essential. Remember, iron is essential for making red blood cells and transporting oxygen in the body. It also converts poorly absorbed iron into a form that’s easier to absorb in the body. For example, plant-based iron sources like legumes usually have this challenge, especially among vegetarians. So, vitamin C in the carnivore diet or other kinds of diet helps reduce the risk of anemia, which iron deficiency causes.

Allergy Prevention

Prioritize your vitamin C intake because it helps you fight off different allergy forms. When allergies strike, the body’s immune system triggers an inflammatory response that produces swelling symptoms. However, taking enough vitamin C helps reduce the effects of allergic reactions.

A 2018 study involving 71 people with skin or respiratory allergies received different vitamin C intravenous doses. After observing them, researchers discovered that these patients had milder allergic reaction symptoms. They also noted that most people suffering severe allergic attacks lack sufficient vitamin C in their bodies.

There you go with scientifically sound and backed reasons to prioritize your vitamin C intake even as you enjoy your carnivore diet. The choice is yours to apply these facts and enjoy a healthy and a balanced carnivore diet. 

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