What Are The Best Physiotherapy Treatment Approaches For Arthritis Pain Relief?

What Are The Best Physiotherapy Treatment Approaches For Arthritis Pain Relief?


If you need pain relief for arthritis Edmonton, AB, you will come across many physiotherapy clinics. They are inclined towards providing you with the best treatment to relieve your condition. 

But, whenever you opt for this, you should first get a good idea about some of the best physiotherapy treatment approaches. It generally includes those which are known to be great for arthritis pain relief. 

Talking about physiotherapy, it is a healthcare service that entirely concentrates on establishing the functioning and mobility of the affected body parts. 

So, it involves applying different techniques like hydrotherapy, manual therapy, electrotherapy, and patient counseling and advice. 

Role Of Physical Therapy In The Treatment Of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Before the initiation of treatment, a physiotherapist will perform a physical assessment test. This assessment mainly involves evaluating your day-to-day activities, gait, posture, range of joint motion, muscle strength test, along with respiratory function. 

After that, they will focus on using the arthritis impact measurement scale I and II. For an accurate assessment, they will also use a health assessment questionnaire. 

All you need is to opt for the assistance of a professional physical therapy clinic if you seek pain relief for arthritis Edmonton, AB.

Physical Therapy Modalities To Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis

The below-mentioned techniques are specifically involved in this form of physiotherapy treatment approach: 

  • Cold Or Hot Applications

Whether you are suffering from chronic or acute conditions of rheumatoid arthritis, cold or hot therapy is beneficial for you. In this regard, the application of hot therapy is made at the chronic stage of rheumatoid arthritis. 

On the other hand, cold packs are effective for those who are dealing with acute conditions. 

Hot packs are applied one or two times daily for about 10 to 20 minutes. But, for cold therapy, the application modalities are cryotherapy, nitrogen spray, ice, and cold packs. 

  • Hydrotherapy 

Those dealing with rheumatoid arthritis get relief from it if their physical therapy performs hydrotherapy at regular intervals. 

This particular technique contributes to providing palliative treatment, especially in the case of chronic and acute conditions.

So, this therapy involves the utilization of water for effectively treating arthritis. Specialized exercises are performed inside water, particularly with a temperature range of 33 to 36 °C.  

Your physiotherapist will guide you to perform specific exercises like aerobics, stretching, and strengthening exercises. 

  • Electrical Stimulation

The most common form of electrotherapy used to treat rheumatoid arthritis is TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. 

It is evident from many of the research studies that patients experience less pain after receiving this therapy only once a week for about a month. 

  • Rehabilitation Techniques

These techniques are known to be very effective in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. It majorly involves using compression gloves, therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, patient education, and splinting of the affected joints. 

  • Massages

Massage therapy is regarded as another useful and soothing therapy for those looking for pain relief for arthritis Edmonton, AB. You can either carry out this on your own or take the help of a professional massage therapist.

  • Acupuncture 

It is another effective treatment that works by stimulating the brain so that it releases endorphins. Many of the physiotherapists receive training in acupuncture. So, they can carry out the treatments by themselves only. 

  • Exercise

General exercises also tend to play a crucial role in reducing arthritis pain. Another best way to go involves the graded exercise. 

In this case, you start slow and gently increase its intensity. Regular practicing of the exercises helps in the strengthening of your joints and muscles. Therefore, it tends to enhance your overall fitness. 

  • Manual Therapy

It is considered another approach wherein the physiotherapists use hands-on techniques for relieving stiffness and pain. Manual therapy has shown many exciting benefits in effectively treating knee osteoarthritis. 

So, these are some of the best physiotherapy treatment approaches available. Your physical therapist will likely advise you on which works best for your needs depending on your condition. 

Some other approaches like thermotherapy and dry needling have shown incredible benefits in relieving pain. 

Living with arthritis is not at all an easy task. But, by using the right treatments, you will feel much better and regain your lost confidence. Ultimately, it helps you to lead a rewarding and prosperous lifestyle. 

Final Verdict

Therefore, it is evident from the section mentioned above that those who have arthritis can get immense relief by trying out physical therapy. 

To effectively improve the quality of life in patients affected with arthritis, continual advancements are being made in physical therapy.

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