Birthmark Removal Cost and Financing Option

Birthmark Removal Cost and Financing Option

The birthmarks are common and there are different options available to remove them. The cost for one treatment is different than the other. If you have a birthmark on any area of the body, you will learn about your option here. This article discusses how much it cost to remove a birthmark using different treatment options. Please continue reading to learn more about it.

Understanding Birthmarks

As their name suggests, these marks exist on the skin of the baby at the time of birth. But that does not mean these marks will not go away throughout the life. These marks different in size and color. though these they are harmless, it is possible to say goodbye to these marks by taking a treatment.

Birthmark Treatment Options

In most of the cases, the birthmarks disappear with the passage of time. If a person want to remove them sooner than later, it is possible to do that.

The dermatologists use different techniques to remove birthmarks from the skin.

Here are the four options to remove a birthmark

  • Steroids:If oral or topical medications do not work, corticosteroids can be used to speed up the process of shrinkage of birthmarks. This option is better if topical medication can cause serious side effects to the person.
  • Medications:There are topical ointments that can remove birthmarks. Oral medications are also available to do so. These products can lighten the color and reduce the size of the birthmark. Consult a dermatologist and know what product can work well for you.
  • Laser Treatment:The dermatologists also use laser treatment for birthmark removal. One laser session can deliver significant results but it takes multiple sessions to get rid of a birthmark. The light emitted by the laser machine in this technique does not harm the skin.
  • Surgical Removal:The surgical technique is used in rare cases when all other options do not deliver or are not likely to deliver. If a birthmark exists on an internal organ or it is a larger one, the surgical treatment can be used to get rid of it. It is also known as excision technique.

Cost of Birthmark Removal

For different birthmark removal techniques and birthmarks, the cost of birthmark removal is different. Mean to say, the cost depends on the following:

  • The location of the clinic
  • The geographic location of the clinic
  • The technique used for birthmark removal
  • The number of session needed for removal
  • The qualification and expertise of the doctor
  • The location, size, and color of the birthmark

Depending on the above factors, the cost of birthmark removal treatment ranges from $25 or 90 AED to $5,125 or 18,825 AED. Thus, the price averages at $2,700. Here is some discussion about the cost of different birthmark removal treatments:

  • Steroids:This technique also does not cost much.
  • Medications: It is the easiest and cheap method. It is also the simplest one.
  • Laser Treatment: It costs less than the surgical option but costs more than steroids techniques.
  • Surgical Removal: As it is a surgical technique, it often costs more than other available options.

Does Health Insurance Cover It?

Some health insurance plans cover cosmetic treatments such as birthmark removal treatments. If you have a medical insurance plan, check your insurance policy documents or call your insurance company to know if it covers birthmark removal treatment in Dubai. If you do not have a medical insurance plan and you do not want to pay the price in full, you can avail the treatment financing option.

Interest-Free Financing Option

If your health insurance plan does not cover a birthmark removal treatment and you do not want to pay the full price of the procedure, there is a perfect solution for you. Different dermatologists and clinics offer interest-free loan to finance a cosmetic treatment.

There are no strings attached; you pay the same price. It makes it easy for everyone to undergo a treatment without paying the full price. The person who benefits from this financing option will be able to pay back the loan in easy monthly instalments.

The Bottom Line

A birthmark treatment is a good way to get rid of the mark and make the skin flawless. If you have a birthmark, you might be interested in learning more about birthmark treatments in Dubai. You can contact your dermatologist to know more about the cost of a birthmark removal treatment in your case.

So book your appointment with the nearest dermatologist to know the birthmark cost in your area.

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