Bizarre Signs Associated With an Unhealthy Liver

Bizarre Signs Associated With an Unhealthy Liver

According to, 4.9 million adults are diagnosed with chronic liver diseases. Most of the South Africans are known to suffer from a condition of the liver, which is known as liver cirrhosis. Not only the Africans but people from different parts of the world are also known to suffer from this condition. It does not matter if this liver problem is caused only as a result of alcohol, what matters is that the effects of liver cirrhosis can be truly devastating. In the beginning, it may be difficult for people to realize that the livers are getting compromised. Your liver is the one organ within your body, which can repair damaged cells easily. However, after a certain level of damage, it is impossible to heal the cells, which is responsible for liver cirrhosis.

Read on to find out about the sneaky end stage liver failure symptoms.

Itchy skin

Most people do not take itchy skin in a serious manner until and unless rashes start developing. However, itchy skin is normally known to occur when bile mixes within your bloodstream because of a damaged liver. When the bile duct gets blocked, the bile becomes stagnant and it tends to flow back to your bloodstream. This is responsible for accumulating under your skin and is known to cause itching.

Spider angioma

These spider-like capillaries are tiny but they are easily visible. They are normally caused by a high level of estrogen. This is one of the most important indications that your liver is going through a certain problem and it is not being able to function properly. These veins are normally known to appear on your legs as well as the face because the arterioles get enlarged.

Bleeding and bruising

If you observe that you start bleeding easily or get bruised immediately after you are injured, this is one of the biggest signs that the liver is facing certain problems. The proteins that are required for clotting the blood is not being produced by the body sufficiently, which leads to this unwanted condition.

Bad breath

Whiffy breath is responsible for indicating numerous health problems, which include gum disease or sinusitis, but you also need to know that it is also a huge sign that is associated with liver damage. Bad breath normally occurs during the failure of the liver and it is known as foetor hepaticus. This is an extremely musky smell, which is caused as a result of the increased levels of dimethyl sulfide in the blood, which occurs when a person is suffering from the deadly liver cirrhosis.

Hyperpigmentation and blemishes

Brown pigmentation, as well as blemishes, can occur on your face if your liver feels sluggish and it is not working in an ideal manner. When your liver does not function in a proper manner, the estrogen within your system starts increasing. This is responsible for producing more melanin, which is responsible for the blemishes on your face or even the other parts of the body.


If you detect a sign of unhealthy liver, it is crucial that you visit the nearest doctor. If you take proper medication at a proper time, you will be able to get rid of the unwanted liver conditions.

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