Brain Workout Games Everybody Must Try

Brain Workout Games Everybody Must Try

“True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are ever united.”– Wilhelm Von Humboldt

“This just in! Improve your memory within just 2 weeks”

“This newest game on the block is proving to be the best exercise for your brain”

Have you lately come across such glossy posts that claim to be the best in the market to provide exercise and nourishment to the brain, which happens to be the most important organ of the body? Well, all this is quite so extraordinary to hear and read, but let’s take a pause and actually think about what these ads say.

Picture2There is no denying that the brain needs its share of exercise to sharpen those grey cells which transmit all the neurotransmitters. For those of you who don’t know, neurotransmitters are food for the brain which is much needed by it to function smoothly. We all know that the brain is the superpower of our body which acts as the central command unit to carry out all the operations that our body regularly does.

Lately, another claim that seems to be doing the rounds is the hype of the much-needed factor which is the Intelligence Quotient Factor (IQ). So, what exactly is all this hoohaa about? Kids in school and even at the college level are constantly getting scored and rated for their IQ, which is nothing else but the overall measuring of a person’s intelligence based on standardized tests that are conducted from time to time.

Some of you may be wondering what is the relation of the brain and the importance of exercise to that of scoring high in the IQ parameter? To answer this question all I can say is that a better-exercised brain will function better and this will help increase the brain activity which will result in you getting better scores and performing well in academics and the overall IQ.

But, does this mean that one has to shell out considerable amounts of money on fancy apps and games that claim to be the best exercise for the brain? Absolutely not! Einstein and even Thomas Edison were scientists who were brainy and intelligent but did they have the availability of all these apps and games? The answer again is NO. I bring to you right here some of the most traditional ways in which you can give your brain that ultimate workout and keep the grey cells active and running!

THE GOOD OLD SIMPLE EXERCISES: running, taking a stroll in the early morning light and cycling. Yes, you read that right! All you need is a good pair of running shoes and probably your headphones connected to a source of pumping music. As per the latest Comprehensive Physiology paper, physical exercise via the traditional ways increases brain activity which is responsible for better cognitive functions. The more you exercise the more there will be an intake of oxygen and this, in turn, will make you smarter with better brain functioning.

PUZZLE YOUR BRAIN: there was a time when youngsters loved solving Sudoku and Crossword puzzles. For that matter, even a challenging game of Scrabble on the boards excited the brain and sparked major brain activity. As per the studies conducted by PLoS One, it was researched that when an adult engaged in playing such challenging games it resulted in the increase of executive functions of the brain such as:

●Working memory
●Processing speed
●Cognitive abilities

DE-DEVICE-IFY: computers, mobiles and now palm tops- all these devices have indeed increased our speed of working, but in so many ways they have slowed us down! When was the last time you could recall a number without having to go to your mobile directory, or for that matter when was the last time you calculated something minus the use of a calculator? Every now and then it will be a good thing to calculate or solve a sum without the help of any device and let your brain do the actual thinking!

A SPOON FULL OF MINDFULNESS: all the constant exercise to make the brain sharper, but what about making the brain more at peace? As per the leading scientists who study and map brain functioning it has been proved that regular meditation and Yoga helps bring about calmness to the mind, and this, in turn, helps to prevent age-related decline in the cognitive abilities.

LOGIT OUT IN A JOURNAL: for those of you who have every maintained a journal or a diary for the longest time, this news just in! Doing so not only helps you express your feelings but it also helps enhance your critical thinking. Writing a journal or a diary helps you vent out and express and at the same time balances your emotional quotient (EQ), another factor that is deemed necessary to have a balanced and unstressed mind.

UPSKILL AND LEARN: there was a time when schools practised the culture of asking kids to learn something new for the next 10 days. I remember we used to be excited about this because it was a challenge that kept us busy and in the process, we always actually did learn something new. It could be learning how to stitch, or playing the harmonica or for that matter learning a few new words from another language. Learning something new keeps the brain active and stimulates areas of your brain that owe to better mental functioning.

Fancy games and apps probably help in some ways, but why not go back to the basics of doing things the traditional and more accurate way. After all, sometimes in order to connect to yourself and be active, you need to disconnect from everything else. Engage your brain with activities that leave it asking for more. Workout the right way and get a step closer to acquiring an active and healthy brain.

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