Breast Lift in Sydney: Step-by-Step Procedure

Breast Lift in Sydney: Step-by-Step Procedure

Sydney is located on the east coast of Australia and is surrounded by lots of famous metropolises, such as Port Jackson, Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury, and Royal National Park. Sydney’s overall population is almost 66% of the nation’s total. So, it had the most suburbs and local areas for the residence and accommodated plenty of tourists.

Sydney also has the most beautiful beaches. Having the best bikini is necessary to share Instagram-worthy posts for the summer season’s vibe. One thing that may stop you from wearing a bikini is your breasts which have lost shape and size as you age. Many would choose to undergo a breast lift in Sydney to boost self-image through quick and easy steps.

What is mastopexy?

Among the best solutions to restore a youthful breast is called mastopexy. It is a method performed by plastic surgeons in Sydney that enhances a wilting chest to look firmer and young. It would leave scars but is easy to hide and will fade weeks after the surgery.

There is more that you need to know about mastopexy. It includes the benefit of fast recovery to enjoy the final shape of your breasts. Breast lifts also have potential risks, such as infection, bleeding, and even loss of nipples. However, such things rarely happen as long as you follow the procedures below.

Step #1. Consult a plastic surgeon

Going to a reliable plastic surgeon guarantees the proper procedures that fit your needs through physical examinations. In addition, experts will go over your medical history to see whether it is safe to continue the surgery. It could be challenging to find one, but you can consider a breast lift in Sydney and other reputable breast surgeons around the area.

Step #2. Talk about your goal

Breast lift surgery varies according to the patient’s expectations. Each woman has to hope for a specific breast shape and size, which needs to be discussed before going through the surgery. As you have some goals, you might also consider the possible benefits and risks, like breast enlargement and scarring.

Step #3. Create schedule

Once everything’s clear, start by settling down a schedule. Mastopexy will last for about three hours and is performed with general anesthesia. However, the recovery stage would take at least six weeks before you resume doing heavy activities. So having a schedule helps to ease the process from beginning to end.

Step #4. Actual surgery

As the patient sets foot in the operating room, the first step is to get anesthesia or sedation to reduce the pain. The incision process comes next, which means removing extra skin around the breasts and is done in different patterns, whichever suits you best. Then, the surgeon reshapes your breast and also positions the nipples as they should be. The last step is to close the opening, leaving scars but necessary to avoid infections.

Step #5. Follow-up examination

After 48-hours of your breast lift, go back to the surgeon to remove the bandages. It would bring discomfort for a few days; thus, wearing unique clothes can help. The surgeon will also tell when a minor adjustment is needed during this stage, like nipple repositioning.

Patients commonly feel swollen breasts and numb nipples after the surgery. It is why Sydney doctors recommend stopping hefty activities during and after the procedures to prevent any complications. Wearing a support bra is also essential to promote faster healing and lessen the pain. However, it is reasonable to resume regular activities sooner than six weeks with caution.

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