Caliburn G Pod Kit Europe- Ultimate Guide

Caliburn G Pod Kit Europe- Ultimate Guide

Uwell pioneers of the vaping industry. So far they have taken the vape market by storm by introducing crown 4, Valyrian II,, even the Koko Pod Kit and the original Caliburn series. Out of caliburn series, caliburn G pod kit has been a successful launch. By the release of the caliburn series, it has set the standard for other competitors.

Caliburn G Pod Kit Europe


Most of them say that it looks pretty much similar to their old caliburn A2 but in fact it’s a whole new vape pen with different and modified features. One of the most noticeable differences is the replaceable coil. Along with that, it gives you the option of two air flows i.e tight MTL and loose MTL. 

uwell caliburn pod kit

Salient Features of Caliburn G pod kit: 

When you open the mighty box, you will get to see 

  • 1 x Uwell Caliburn G Mod 
  • 1 x Uwell Caliburn G Pod
  • 1 x 1.0 ohm Caliburn G Coil 
  • 1 x 0.6 ohm Caliburn G Coil
  • 1 x Micro USB-C Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

That looks pretty meditating isn’t. And the good news is  that the whole kit costs around 32$and comes with ample colors to choose from. 

Material and Built Quality: 

The sleek uwell caliburn pod kit comes with 108.3 mm x 22.5 mm x 12.6 mm dimension, Easy to handle ,user friendly and portable. Even though it has the same size as the old version of caliburn pen, it has a lot more to offer. The whole main body is made up of aluminum material which makes it lightweight. 

Ridges always feel nice in hands and it makes the grip more solid in fingers. You must have heard of no flow coming through your pen, in this case you can use the built in gold accent round button which can ease the flow for you. And there is a led indicator as well.  

  • Green; Means you are good to go 
  • Blue: Be careful 
  • Red: You are about to go down 😀

Performance of uwell caliburn G pod kit: 

Everyone likes the fact, these coils will keep you running for more than a few weeks and even if they last, you have the option to replace them. So they come with replaceable coils. Some experts say that if you are a guy who likes to chase flavour (flavourchaser) then this vape pen is for you. Produces great flavour and longer battery serves you more time than usual pen. 

Pros of G model: 

  • Handy & Lightweight
  • Ridges on front and back for better grip
  • User friendly 
  • Amazing Flavor
  • Manual Airflow
  • No Leakage
  • Bigger battery than older versions 


  • Mouthpiece is sometimes tricky to get off but it won’t consider it as a disadvantage compared to advantages. 

Final Thoughts 

By looking at the cons and upgrades which they have introduced in this model should make you believe that this is better than its older model. Bigger battery, better design. Basically all the weaknesses present in the old model have been improved and modified to give users a better experience. If you are thinking of buying it, you won’t regret it. 

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