Can Orthodontist Education Help Treat Oral Problems in Children?

Can Orthodontist Education Help Treat Oral Problems in Children?

There are many dentists that are experts in their field but still several advanced oral problems that an ordinary dentist can’t treat. In the same way, there are many oral issues that your child can suffer from and your pediatric dentist is unable to cure.

What kind of Orthodontist education is needed?

In order to treat the advanced oral problems in children, you will have to take them to a specialized orthodontist who has Orthodontist education. Along with a normal orthodontic education, he/ she should have the experience to handle the children as well.

Reasons to take your child to an Orthodontic

It is not necessary that all children require to go to the orthodontist for treatment. But when they start to show issues then it becomes important for the parents to take them immediately to the orthodontist for the following reasons.

Early identification of advance oral problems

It is not essential that the child develops severe dental issues at an early age but it can be a possibility that they can. So when you take them to orthodontists; the education they have enables them to detect any underlying hint of developing oral problem.

Preventing from major treatments

An orthodontic uses advanced techniques to treat the minor issues so that the parents don’t have to spend more money on major treatments like surgery. Parents might think that this early visit is not worth but this helps the parents save money.

Eliminating all oral problems

A child faces a variety of oral problems starting from the first teeth eruption and even after the permanent teeth emerge. The Orthodontist tries to eliminate the oral problems through preventive education and t=the last resort is the treatment.

Oral problems in Children

From the very beginning, a child can experience oral problems. There can be several causes of these problems that include unhealthy diet, thumb sucking, using a pacifier, not cleaning teeth and mouth properly and injury to the face. When a child experiences these circumstances then the following oral problems can develop;

Wrong timing of teeth loss

There is a set sequence of the emergence and naturally losing the baby teeth so that space is made for the permanent ones. But at the time the schedule is disturbed and the teeth are either lose the teeth early or very late.

Trouble biting and chewing

There are several reasons as to why children have trouble biting and chewing their food properly. The main cause can be that their teeth are not appropriately aligned. There are many orthodontists who study online courses Gerety Orthodontic Seminar to mention one; who can treat various problems by different treatment techniques.

Teeth bulging outward

When the habit of thumb sucking and pacifier exceeds the time they should stop then the permanent teeth can look like they are bulging out. This can further create issues that are related to biting and chewing.

Thumb sucking habit exceeding beyond 5 years

Thumb sucking is a natural behavior that creates a soothing effect and a sense of security to the child. Most children leave this habit when they reach 4 years, but if this continues beyond the age of 5 then has long-lasting negative effects.

The problem of placement of the teeth

At many times parents will notice that their children have teeth in several odd places or that extra teeth are trying to make their way in between the existing two sets of teeth. The child can have shark teeth, wisdom teeth, and crowded teeth, ectopic canine and molar teeth.

Misalignment of the lower jaw

There are multiple reasons for a misaligned jaw including trauma to the jaw, Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, defect by birth and teeth not aligned correctly. An orthodontist has the right education to treat these oral problems.

Orthodontic Treatments for children

When you go to an orthodontist for your child’s oral problems; there are several treatments that he/ she can suggest according to the present problem. As discussed above these problems are mostly caused by the wrong positioning of the teeth. For which the orthodontist will propose the following treatments.

Several types of Braces

You can choose from 4 several types of braces; so that the problem in the bite and crowding of the teeth can be treated.

  1. Dental metal braces
  2. Ceramic Braces
  3. Invisalign
  4. Lingual Braces


For extremely misaligned teeth an extra tool known as the Headgear is used along with other dental devices. This device is strapped on the head of the child in order to keep the jaw straight. This is the best treatment for kids and tanagers because the jaw is in the process of development.

Palatal Expansion

Children who have a narrow palate are given this treatment. This narrowness can cause over-crowding of the teeth which sometimes makes it hard for the child to breath. Children who are under the age of 16 can be properly treated through palatal expansion.

Jaw surgery

When all of the above techniques fail to treat the oral problems then the orthodontist’s final resort is the jaw surgery. Not only the upper and lower jaw can be operated but also palatal expansion can also be done when the orthodontist has the right Orthodontist education.

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