Why Can’t Healthcare Be Debated Technically Instead of Politically?

Why Can’t Healthcare Be Debated Technically Instead of Politically?

Politics happen to be the mother of all the politicized healthcare phenomenon. It happens so because the allocation of power, goods, and services solely rely on the political landscape of the day. Therefore, this is the reason as to why it overshadows the technicality of the healthcare sector by determining;

  • The most profitable parties in the allocation of healthcare resources and kitties

Its saddening that highly profit from the health care politics are the drug manufacturers, health care facilities, insurance companies through health insurance schemes as well as government officials, who happen to be politicians.

These politicians receive payments as kickbacks for the legislation work they do for the bigwigs of the healthcare sector; they never appeal for reasonable resources to rub their operations, they get the bribes or grab the much they can; a crime that can easily warrant them tax penalty appeal reasonable resources. Parties with vested interests in this sector fund their political campaign so that they can do business with the sector upon winning. Additionally, they enact and amend laws to favor their hardliners. Tax penalties don’t apply to this class of individuals.

  • The who are best organized or armed for the political debate.

With the intention of fashioning things to conform to their desires, politicians always make sure that they position healthcare players in the frontline, just to front their agenda. They fully back these individuals who don’t focus on the quality of healthcare services in their talks and debates.

This explains the reason as to why countries with such kind of trends have poor healthcare services.

To make matters worse is the fact that the government provides most and a majority part of the services. From this, we have seen how politicians grab and make government health centers their perceived investment projects in most countries. The result is watering down of government health centers.

Powerful men and women

Despite the fact that healthcare debate should take a technical ground, it can never be so with the existence of people with power. We must be aware of the fact that when powerful men go scientific, scientific solutions gain political mileage, thus watering down their technical aspect. In this case, politicians are the problem as they politicize healthcare affairs.

The equation that best describes this is that summing up people and power gives an equivalent of politics. Reason? Each will pull to his side to his or her level best!

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However, we must come to terms with the reality that science isn’t a debate; it’s methodological of doing things. This disqualifies it from contests. Therefore, we shouldn’t lament of politics that doesn’t share the details and science about healthcare systems because it’s the responsibility of the society to handle science appropriately so that we can see new Intel behind it and its foundation based on tangible facts. With its facts never contradict each other and if otherwise, the possibility of an error during the collection of this facts is undeniable alongside incompetence and early research.

Who pays for who and how much

During the heated debates about health, the bone of contention will always remain who pays doctors and nurses, insurance companies as well as drug manufacturers. The topics revolve around financial affairs and how to control the income of the various medical positions.

It shall never touch on essential subjects such as how much money will the country save by employing the use of Electronic Medical Records(EMR), how to improve healthcare to raise the life expectancy or even increasing healthcare service delivery through the currently available medical practitioners.

Why are we in the game?

We are part of this struggle just because we exist in the environment in which the contest is situated. We have differing ambitions, desires, opinions as well as goals and it’s our legal obligation to contradict one another. This means that we perceive things in entirely different ways and its no crime to take part in this game.

However, we must conform to the provisional and bunch of evolving solutions that science avail to us as they come!

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