Centered Health Malibu California Adolescent Treatment Center For Rehabilitation

Centered Health Malibu California Adolescent Treatment Center For Rehabilitation

The adolescent treatment center for rehabilitation of addicts on psychoactive substances was established in 2004 in Malibu, California. In a short period of its activity, Centered Health managed to develop into a center with the all the necessary infrastructure (premises and equipment are adequate for all foreseen activities) and human resources.

From the outset, a strong collaboration has been established with the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence and the University Clinical Center in Los Angeles.

The center is open to all benevolent visitors who want to hang out with the resident of Centered Health Malibu facility. Such visits are also important because of the breakdown of the stigma from the addicts that they are not adapted and dangerous to the environment. Centered Health is open to cooperation with other institutions dealing with the problem of dependence and redeployment of young people.

Addiction Treatment

At the Rehabilitation Center in Malibu, psychological therapy seeks to help the addict to establish and maintain abstinence, to better acquaintance and acceptance of oneself as a unique being, who has different abilities and opportunities to emerge from the closed circle and overcome his addiction problem. The way to this is neither easy nor easy and requires great dedication and dedicated work on itself.

In other words, therapy at the adolescent treatment center in Malibu is a long-lasting process in which a protégé encounters various suppressed (neglected, alienated, neglected, discarded) parts of himself, and gradually getting in touch with his authentic being, nutritional, and more and more coordinated with him.
In time, there is a healing on all levels of his being – body, emotional, mental and spiritual.

During the therapy at Centered Health Malibu, various techniques are used for addicts in working on themselves, in communication and in relation to other people, taking into account the ways and approaches individually closely sensitivity, affinities, and manner of expression of each beneficiary individually. Thus, in addition to conversation, different means of expression are used, as appropriate, through creative media, such as drawings, modeling, etc.

Individual interviews are of great importance, in addition to gathering the data necessary for personal, family and social history, it is possible to get a better acquaintance with the person of the warder and its easier opening, as well as a good basis for working in the group. Working in groups at Centered Health is based on the exchange of experiences among the citizens, the strengthening of mutual trust and confidence, revealing many aspects of cooperation and providing assistance and support to drug addicts. This is most often accomplished in AVP workshops (Alternatives to Violence Project), in working on the principles of group analysis, through creative expression by painting, art therapy, association cards, etc.

In a safe environment of the therapeutic group, residents of this treatment facility have the opportunity to hear others and get a lot of understanding and support for themselves (which many people in the daily life are significantly lacking). The group can be a great resource that will encourage changes for drug addicts that they want to bring into their lives because problems that have arisen in the primary group (family) can be solved only in the therapeutic group.

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