Head and Brain Injuries | What are The Common Causes of Brain Injuries?

Head and Brain Injuries | What are The Common Causes of Brain Injuries?

Brain and head injuries usually describe the damage to the caused by external impact. These injuries range from mild to severe according to the type and severity of the blow. Sometimes, brain injuries might have severe consequences. These injuries can result from various activities. However, if you are involved in an accident, you can claim compensation against the liable party. If you get head injuries due to someone else’s fault and negligence, you can claim compensation against them. If head injuries remain untreated, then it can cause severe and long-term problems.

In detail, head injuries are described as, any damage or injury to the scalp, skull, brain, or tissues in the head. According to a survey, head injuries are increasing numerously. This survey shows that approx. 1.7 million people suffer from traumatic brain injury every year.

Causes of Brain and head injuries

As described above, there is a number of accidents that can cause damage to the brain and head. These injuries might also occur due to other’s fault and negligence. However, some of the common causes of brain injuries are:

Criminal brain injury

As shown by name, this head injury occurs in criminal activity. In detail, criminal brain injury occurs during the assault, snatching, or robbery or fight. Criminal brain injury usually has a brutal impact on your head. This injury might take months or years to recover completely.

Medical negligence injury

A head injury can also occur due to medical negligence during the surgery or hair transplant. If these injuries occur during the surgery, you may have severe effects. As you know, the human brain has a complex structure. A minor mistake during the surgery or operation can cause life-time damage. If you get medical injuries due to the doctor or medical staff’s negligence, you can claim compensation against them.

Head injury in public place

You need to know that head injury can also occur in a public place. When you are walking on a road sidewalk or moving through your street, you can also experience a head injury. A falling object through the poles or buildings can cause a severe problem. In this situation, to find the culprit is really difficult. However, with the help of personal injury solicitor, you will not only find the compensation claim but buy also win a handsome amount.

Brain injury in a road accident

Various injuries can occur at a road accident. Brain injuries are also common in a road traffic accident. These accidents might also occur due to someone else fault and negligence. If you are a bike rider and get hit with other moving vehicles, you may have serious injuries. Furthermore, if you are not wearing a helmet, the severe head injuries can also lead to death.

Brain injury in the workplace

In industries, labor deals with heavy types of machinery. However, most of the accidents occur in manual or semi-automatic machine industries. Most of the people suffer from head injuries due to falling objects during maintenance and manufacturing of products. Furthermore, it’s the duty of your employer to provide you a safe and healthy environment. If they don’t provide you, and you get severe injuries, you can claim compensation against the liable party.

What to do after the accident?

After getting injured in an accident, you need to get medical attention immediately. If you delay the medical, you may worsen your condition. You may also put your life at risk. Furthermore, if you delay the medical attention due to your negligence, you can also ruin your right to claim compensation.

The doctor will completely check up your body and head. To deeply diagnose, he may also recommend some tests. These tests include MRI scans, CT scans, and other blood tests. After the results of these tests, the doctor will choose the best treatment option for you.

After the medical treatment, you can also claim compensation against the liable party. For this procedure, you will need an experienced and professional personal injury solicitor Bury. He can also help you to collect evidence of the occurrence of an accident. Furthermore, he can also help you to pursue your case in the solicitor’s court.

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