Avail the Most Cost-Efficient Kidney Transplantation in India

Avail the Most Cost-Efficient Kidney Transplantation in India


Kidney Transplantation is gaining pace over the dialysis process. It is just because the patient can live a healthy life after the kidney transplant, and there is no requirement of visiting the hospital again and again. Dialysis can be a life long procedure if it is an end-stage renal disorder. Also, there can be severe complications; that a patient might not be able to survive.

Dialysis is an effective treatment option for those who are not fit for undergoing transplant surgery. So, if your doctor suggests you for a kidney transplant, do not delay in the treatment. However, most of the patients avoid the kidney transplantation process because of the price of treatment.

Well, it is possible to avail the kidney transplantation at economical prices too. One of the most inexpensive options for a kidney transplant is; India.

Kidney Transplant Price in India starts at USD 13,000. You cannot get the transplant in any other country at this price. So, to get the kidney transplant, you can plan your medical tourism to India.

What Is The Eligibility Criteria for a Foreigner to Avail the Kidney Transplant Procedure in India?

Medical tourism to India is not that difficult. The country offers much flexibility for healthcare travellers from all the parts of the world. However, there is a basic criterion for kidney transplant patients to undergo kidney transplant surgery; it includes:

  • The patient must be above the age of 18 years and also the donor
  • The overall medical condition of the patient should be suitable for surgery. The person should not have any issue in other organs of the body like lungs, liver or heart
  • You must be available with a kidney donor, and most importantly the donor must be related
  • The kidney of the donor must be in a healthy condition and function appropriately
  • It is essential that the blood type of the donor and the receiver must match
  • Another important thing for kidney transplantation is that the person should not be obese. The body mass index of the patient must be below 30
  • The patient should not have hypertension
  • If the patient has a history of kidney stones, he or she has to undergo additional tests
  • A pregnant woman or a person who is underweight cannot donate the kidney
  • The kidney cannot be taken from a person suffering from heart disease or cancer

If the donor and the receiver fulfil the criteria of kidney transplantation, then there exists no other difficulty in getting the transplantation. In case you suffer any problem in getting the treatment in India, you can approach medical tourism company in the country, and they will help you with all the possible arrangements of the treatment. Medical tourism companies can also help you with getting your medical visa and other formalities too.

Final Words:

Cost of Kidney Transplant Operation in India is within reach of all income groups. So, do not continue with your sufferings and avail the benefits of the top-notch treatment offered by the best surgeons in the country. The success rate of kidney transplant in India is approximately 100 %, and you will not have to suffer any health disorders after the surgery.

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