Myobrace the Latest Invention

Myobrace the Latest Invention

With so many inventions taking place in the field of technology, various advancements in the medical field have also been done, it has also brought forth various ways for treating patients suffering from different orthodontic problems. Incorrect jaw development and orthodontic problems are caused either due to hereditary factors or due to large teeth in small jaws. Myobrace is a new orthodontic technology used for helping people to straighten jaws and teeth. In this technique, treatment involves no brace approach instead helps in addressing bad oral habits and crooked teeth in patients.

How Myobrace works?

Myobrace system is a no-brace approach used for straightening jaws and teeth. It is a treatment which involves usage of different dental appliances that is mostly worn around 1-2 hours every day during day or night while sleeping. Daily usage of myobrace dental appliance along with regular dental activities can help improve the functioning of teeth and lead to a healthier smile. Myobrace technique is practiced in over more than hundred countries across the world, wherein patient has to deal with the uncomfortable appliance for a specified period of time and finally have a good smile which they have always been craving for. There are also certain exercises advised by the dentist every day to help achieve the real change.

Myobrace treatment program

Myobrace treatment is more like a training program in which treatment is carried out with commitment similar to that of sports or study in order to obtain best possible results. The treatment varies from person to person depending on their biological level and hence in some patients it might take the time to achieve desired results. The training program is mainly followed for implementing changes in old habits and adopting changes to maintain dental hygiene and achieve results.

Cost of Myobrace treatment

The cost of treatment varies by the service provider and type of braces used. The exact structure of fee depends on the consultation and evaluation performed. The price also depends on the number of visits planned at Myobrace Melbourne dentist, patient’s compliance with the myobrace appliance, how well patient is able to perform the training and how he/she responds to the treatment performed. Again the cost might vary depending on the fact if the treatment is performed on children or adults.

Concerns on Myobrace treatment

There are various concerns that people have regarding myobrace treatment such as whether the treatment is painful or not? The answer to this question is, it might cause a certain amount of sensitivity but there won’t be any major pain during the course of treatment. Such sensitivity would cease to exist after initial days. Another concern which people have is what exactly the ideal age of treatment is? The optimum time of treatment is ideally when the patient is still in growing age such as from 8-10 years of age. If the oral dental problems are discovered at an early age then it is best to perform the treatment immediately and get best results out of it.


Myobrace treatment is a new invention in the field of dental technology. Hence patients looking to get the Myobrace treatment then get on to locate the best Myobrace Melbourne. Huntingdale Dental Centre is one of the best dental care centers to choose, that offer best consultations in the city. Professionals in the center can suggest patients with the best form of treatment depending on the condition of teeth of an individual. Moreover, they also ensure, to complete the process within a time such that no much time is wasted while completing the process.

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