Dangers of Avoiding The Symptoms of Cataract

Dangers of Avoiding The Symptoms of Cataract

A cataract is a serious issue that should not be taken lightly. It is usually formed due to the deficiencies of the vitamin. Other causes include smoking, trauma, UV rays and radiation therapy, etc. The lens located in the eyes can be damaged by a cataract, resulting in the loss of clarity and fogging of the lens. It can cause problems with vision and result in the loss of sight if not taken seriously. The common symptoms of a cataract are faded colours, blurred vision, halos surrounding lights, double vision in the affected eye, trouble seeing at night, increased sensitivity to glare, and a need for regular changes in prescription glasses.

It is very important to visit an eye specialist for regular checkups. The symptoms of cataract should not be ignored at all costs.

How to treat a cataract?

If the symptoms are minor, then you could just use contacts or glasses. With time, they spread for which it is recommended to get proper eye surgery for the complete removal of the cataract.

The severe problems that are caused due to Cataract are as follows:

Loss of Vision: Cataracts can either grow slowly or even quickly. It may look like a minor issue but it can result in the reduction of vision causing blindness. It can also cause psychological harm like social isolation, depression, mental illness, and lower self-esteem.

Difficulty in participating in daily activities: You might not be able to notice that you have a cataract but with time they make the visions hazy and blurry, due to the expansion of the white area inside the lens. You may face difficulty while performing any activity or reading something. It is highly recommended to get yourself treated with cataract surgery.

Risk increases in surgery when the Cataract becomes severe: It is better to get the surgery done when the cataract is minor. It becomes quite difficult to remove the cataract if it has been left untreated for a longer period as it is formed as hyper-mature. The risk involved in the surgery of the hyper-mature cataract is much higher.

Difficulty to drive at night: The person having even a minor cataract has an impaired night vision and should not drive in the dark. As the cloudy patch is responsible for scattering the light in the eyes, it causes halos around the light sources such as street lights, lit signs, and headlights. To not risk your lives, you should not drive at night and use public transport instead.

Difficulty in reading: For a person having a cataract, it becomes difficult for him to read, as his eyes have become relatively weak. He faces difficulty in focussing on the words written and the visibility seems to be quite blurry. Hence, he should soon be treated with surgery to avoid difficulty.


A cataract is a serious issue to be taken into consideration before it gets worse. The surgery should be done at the right time to avoid any kind of risks involved with it. Without a clear vision and good eyesight, we can not do anything. Different types of surgeries can be done to remove it from the eyes. If you are a sensitive person, you could also go for micro-incision surgery or laser-assisted cataract treatment, which is recommended to be a painless and secure surgery. The best ways to prevent a cataract is to choose a healthy diet including fruits and vegetables, checking other health problems, wearing sunglasses, avoiding drinking, and quitting smoking. You should also regularly visit an eye doctor and keep your eyes checked and examined.

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