Dealing With Pigmentation Is Now Easy With Cosmelan Peel

Dealing With Pigmentation Is Now Easy With Cosmelan Peel

Skin is the most expensive and exclusive region of the human body. They make people more confident and practical. But, some people undergo pigmentation problems which cause them to feel low. Pigmentation is the skin’s colouring that either makes the skin darker or lighter. Well, no more worries. Now, pigmentation can be overcome by cosmelan peel.

What is cosmelan peel?

It is a type of chemical peeling that includes diverse peels and agents. It decreases the production of melanin on the skin by inhibiting tyrosine enzymes. Melanin is a kind of hormone that is responsible for skin darkening. Hence, it forms blots, spots, and patches on the skin.

It is the type of peel that reduces the surface of the pigment by following a particular treatment over 2-3 months. The therapy reduces pigmentation by lowering the production of melanin at the melanocyte.

How does it work?

Before undergoing the treatment, it is suggested to seek expert consultation or a doctor’s advice. 

1: Cosmelan therapy helps to lower the over melanin production by killing the bacteria. Azelaic acid is responsible for killing bacteria.

2: It restricts melanin production and complexion on the skin’s surface.

3: Eventually, it aids in boosting the production of new cells more effectually.

4: With cosmelan treatment can treat dark spots, dry skin, acne, pigmentation, and blemishes. 

5: People can also treat hyperpigmentation, aged skin, blotchy skin, and melasma.

Treatment Method

Evaluation: Before getting into the treatment, the expert or doctors will evaluate what type of skin and which type of agent or peel should be used.

Cleansing: After evaluation, the skin should be cleansed with a suitable agent to make them prepare for the treatment. 

Masking: The next step is masking with them and leaving them for about 10-15 hours. The hours may depend upon the type of skin.

Removing: After several hours, the mask is removed and naturalised with a cleanser.

Steps to be followed after the treatment

  • Avoid scrubbing and rubbing the skin.
  • Try to avoid a hot steam bath.
  • Don’t try or hang out for swimming for 2-3 weeks.
  • Also, avoid doing high makeup and cosmetics.

Impacts of the treatment

  • Initially, the skin may turn red and becomes sensitive, making the skin itch or offering a rubbing feeling. Hence, it is common for people can contact their experts or doctor and try some cream.
  • Flaking is also one of the standard issues faced by patients. Please wait for a day, whether it discontinues or not. If not, consult the doctor and get some medications.

Benefits of the treatment

  • It deeply eliminates melasma and hyperpigmentation, which results in a more effective way of relieving the problems.
  • It modifies the traditional method and paves the way for modern means of treatment with more ease of access.
  • Depigmentises more rapidly
  • Applicable to all types of skin
  • Give a light peel feeling.

How many sessions?

The number of sessions depends on the patient, the skin type, and the patient’s expectations. If the patient wants to take up 3-4 times, they can consult the doctor and go ahead. If the expert or doctor suggests avoiding further, it is advisable to stop the treatment.


Pigmentation, dry skin, spots, blotchiness, and various skin issues are common. Don’t need to worry because all problems have solutions. Hence, searching for and getting the solution is one smart way to address all issues. Cosmelan peel is one of the best solutions for most skin problems. However, it is advisable not to try achieving unattainable beauty standards. And before getting into the treatment, it is always suggested to have a doctor or expert consultation.

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