Delhi An International Hub to Treat Cancer Patients

Delhi An International Hub to Treat Cancer Patients

We are all too familiar with patients from all around the globe traveling to Cancer Hospitals in Delhi for treatments. The National Capital of India is well known for its cancer treatments. This is largely credited to the reputation it has gained over the past few years by treating cancer patients with the best facilities.

To get a better understanding of why cancer hospitals in Delhi are the go-to place for cancer patients, we will need to understand Cancer as a disease better and all the driving reasons that point us towards Delhi.

Cancer: A Disease with a High Death Toll

Cancer is a disease that can affect multiple organs and parts of the body from the head to toe. By invading key organs, it affects their functions causing it difficult to live. This makes it a single disease that is potentially fatal due to its ability to spread widely. Hence, it poses different obstacles when you think about finding a cure.

Having said this, the need for better treatments and advancements has become a major need with the number of cancer patients growing higher and higher with each year. Cancer is recognized as the second highest cause of death as far as diseases are concerned.

Different Types Of Cancer

Cancer is a disease with more than 200 sub-types of diseases with each of them corresponding to a particular organ and various other tissues. But the major types of cancer are Carcinoma, Melanoma, Lymphoma, Sarcoma, and Leukemia. Bronchial cancer and lung cancer are the major cause of death in the US.

So one must have very detailed in-depth knowledge not only of cancer while treating it but also be a specialist of respective cancer.

How Can One Get Cancer?

From the food we consume, the habits we have, our lifestyle, the place we live and even untreated (unknown) conditions can cause cancer. So in order to be cautious, one has to live a healthy lifestyle by maintaining good health with regular checkups.

Different Stages Of Cancer

Cancer has four stages with each of the stages indicating the severity, the treatment process, the fatality, and treatable options.

In cases, that cell growth is abnormal but is not cancerous yet can have the potential to be fatal is termed as “Stage 0”

The stage that cancerous cells growth is observed to be small and localized to an individual area is called “Stage 1” of cancer

When the cancerous cells start to grow larger and begin by spreading to the nearby areas the cancer is now believed to be “Stage 2” & “Stage 3” respectively

When cancer has spread wide and far to various organs and different parts of the body the stage of cancer is called “Stage 4”

Chronic Cancer When the cancer is not curable anymore it is called chronic cancer.

Why Choose Delhi For Treatment?

Now that we have understood the disease with much more knowledge it will help you to understand why Delhi is the preferred destination for cancer treatments. The hospitals in Delhi have a great proven track record to show for its treatments.

The hospitals in Delhi work round the clock with the best oncologists to ensure they not only cure cancer but also help in preventing it. If this wasn’t enough they even have treatments for chronic cancer patients that help prolong life expectancy by offering better livelihood.

They help to control and provide treatment for chronic cancer patients by helping them live their life as best as possible.

The hospital has numerous oncologists of whom each has a particular field of expertise giving you access to the best health care with the help of cutting-edge technologies using state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

Hospitals in Delhi not only care for their patient physically but also go a step further and show great effort to look after the patient’s mental and emotional health. The hospitals also have well-established research centers and foundations that are the best in the country.

Other Cities in India

India has a huge population and more than half the population aspires to be in the medical field.So with such high numbers of doctors produced “every year”, other cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad also have shown progress by taking huge steps towards cancer treatment for patients. This makes them also equally good options to choose for cancer treatment


While hospital visits are not happy occasions, the Delhi hospitals do their best to make it a good experience for their patients with a lot of care and compassion. This along with the improved cure rates make them the best choice.

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