Common Dental Problems That Need Children Dentistry Services

Common Dental Problems That Need Children Dentistry Services

Teeth And Childhood

The human teeth are hidden inside the lower half of the face. They define the facial shape and form in a unique way. You will not be able to chew, bite, smile, or speak without them. An adult will have 32 teeth or a pair of 16 upper and lower teeth. The oral cavity also has gums, soft tissue and jaw bones. A specialist known as dentist is an expert in this field.

Children Dentistry Melbourne or pediatric dental services deal with kids. From young babies to teens, children have different dental problems. Some fail to follow a proper oral hygiene and develop bad breath. Other kids are not too happy with the colour of their teeth. Some other boys and girls complain of a toothache and dental decay.

Children Dentistry

Before we get to the different types of child dental services, look at these fun facts

  • The teeth start to come out or erupt after 6 months of child’s birth.
  • Young babies have a total of 20 teeth on an average( primary teeth).
  • The primary teeth are also known popularly as baby or milk teeth.
  • These milk teeth completely erupt by the time a child is 3 years old.
  • At first, the front, middle teeth of the lower jaw erupt (central incisors).
  • The little boys and girls do lose their teeth after the first 5 or 6 years.
  • An adult by the age of 21 will however have the complete 32 teeth.

Common Dental Problems In Kids

Childhood is the time to play, eat, sleep and have a lot of fun. But dental problems can create many problems for the child. Some of the most common complaints in Children Dentistry are

Bad Breath

When the child exhales, you can clearly smell a bad odour. This can be temporary as foods like garlic and onions are very smelly. It can also occur due to dehydration or lack of water in the body. However, Poor oral hygiene is a major cause of bad breath in many children. Take the boy or girl to the dentist for professional advice.

Unclean Teeth

Children have to be taught how to brush and clean their tongues. They should also be encouraged to gargle on a regular basis. Otherwise, They end up with brownish, black, or dark yellowish teeth. This discoloration makes the smiles very unattractive even in a kid.

Mouth Sores

Sores or mouth ulcers affect both adults as well as the young ones. These painful sores can appear on the tongue, soft tissue, or palate(roof of the mouth). They are usually white or gray in colour and have a round look. Some mouth ulcers appear inside the cheeks and have red edges or borders. They can lead to bleeding and infections and need medical attention.

Tooth Sensitivity

Some children have very sensitive teeth and this causes discomfort. There are many reasons as to why the tooth becomes sensitive. Brushing, flossing and daily dental care can lead to tooth sensitivity. Broken or cracked teeth, gum loss, root or enamel decay are other causes. Take the child to a pediatric dentist in Fredericksburg, VA as this condition can lead to more serious problems.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is technically known as periodontal disease. The gums can also get swollen and this is called as gingivitis. The child not only complains of pain but also starts bleeding. These symptoms become sharp when the child brushes or flosses.  These problems can become serious infections if bacteria accumulate.

Tooth Decay

The teeth are covered on the outside by a thin layer called enamel. The child shows signs of enamel loss due to infection or acidic foods. This type of tooth decay should not be neglected by the parents. It can lead to more serious conditions like cavities(holes in tooth). Dental hygiene and cleaning habits are very important to prevent loss of enamel.

Emergencies And Cosmetic Needs

Children fall down or get involved in sports accidents. The teeth come out or get cracked or chipped as a result. Cosmetic problems refer to teeth gaps and misalignments. For all these problems, consult a specialist in Children Dentistry.

You can visit Hadfield Dental Group for the best treatments. The family-oriented dental services take good care of the children. They have more than 30 years of experience in treating dental problems. The clinic is also a participant in child dental benefits scheme.

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