Detailed Study of Bone Cancer

Detailed Study of Bone Cancer

A malignant tumor that arises from the cells which make the bones of the body is known as bone cancer. There are two types of primary bone tumors that occur in the bone tissue. One is the benign type which is non-cancerous and there are the malignant tumors that turn into bone cancer.

Risk factors associated with bone cancer

Bone cancer is very often seen in case of younger adults and children. It is seen at a lower amount in case of older people and they generally get this type of cancer only if they had some other type of cancer before and it had spread to other location of the body. There are various kinds of risk factors associated with this disease. It includes treatment which includes radiation therapy. There is also the risk factor including previous chemotherapy with drugs that are known as alkylating agents. Also, it includes implantation of metal so that it can repair previous fractures. If you doubt the presence of bone cancer, it is the time to find best bone cancer hospital in India.

Cause of bone cancer

There is no such particular cause of bone cancer. It generally cancer occurs when normal cell growth and proliferation is hindered which causes division of normal cells and growth of them in an uncontrollable manner. There are also certain environmental and hereditary factors which contribute to the development of bone cancers.

Symptoms and signs of bone cancer

The most common symptom of bone cancer is a tremendous pain in the bone. The pain worsens with time. Certain other signs include the formation of a swelling, mass or a lump near the area of the bone cancer. Also since the bones are weak near the affected areas, it might cause easy breakage. Compression and disruption of nerves and blood vessels in the area which is affected is also another sign of bone cancer.

Different types of bone cancer

There are many types of bone cancer. The most common type of bone cancer is osteosarcoma that occurs in older children, teenagers, and young adults. Also, this type of bone cancer is more common in males. Then there is the chondrosarcoma which grows from the cartilage cells which are connected to a bone. This is more common in people who are older than 40 years. An aggressive form of bone cancer is Ewing Sarcoma that is common in case of children who are with the age group of 4 to 15. Fibrosarcoma is another type of bone cancer that arises from behind the knee in case of adults. The most uncommon type of bone cancer is Chordoma that arises from the lower or upper end of the spinal column.

Treatment for bone cancer

Ewing Sarcoma, osteosarcoma and other types of bone cancer will require chemotherapy and also surgery. In case of chondrosarcoma, radiation therapy is the best option. Another type of treatment when it comes to treating bone cancer is clinical trials. In order to treat the cancer cells specifically, then you can opt for targeted therapies. Bone cancer hospitals in India are very good in providing treatment for bone cancer.

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