5 Ways How To Bring Diabetes Under Control

5 Ways How To Bring Diabetes Under Control

When the blood glucose also called blood sugar fails to reach the body cells and remains in the blood due to insufficient secretion of insulin by the pancreas IT results in the state of diabetes. Insulin enables the glucose we receive from food to get into ourselves to provide us with energy. when our body fails to produce enough amount of insulin the glucose fails to reach the body cells and instead remains in the blood resulting in its increased concentration. This state is known as hyperglycemia. Indications include feeling thirsty , headaches, urinating often, feeling tired or weak and blurred vision. Over time excess glucose content in our blood causes health hazards like heart diseases, stroke, kidney disease, dental disease, foot problems, nerve damage and eye problems. Diabetes ,however, does not have any particular medical treatment. It can be brought under control by following a few remedies regularly.

Given, are five ways how to bring diabetes under control.

1.Diabetes meal plan

A proper nutritional diet and physical activity help to keep the blood glucose level or blood sugar level normal.

Eating healthy foods and doing adequate regular exercise will not only help to reduce blood pressure, blood sugar level, weight but also will bring them under control. The diet should consist of non starchy vegetables like broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, fruits like bananas, apples, grapes and whole grains like bread , pasta, proteins like fish, egg, meat without the skin and fat . Eat foods which come from olive oil or canola, nuts and seeds, avocado et cetera. Used cooking oil instead of butter, cream or margarine. Also avoid fried foods which are high in saturated fats, sweets and beverages. Drink water instead. Eat the right amount of food to maintain the normal blood sugar level.

2.Drink enough water

Drinking sufficient water helps to keep the blood glucose levels within healthy limits. It also reduces the risk of developing high blood sugar levels. Besides preventing dehydration, it enables the kidney to discharge the excess blood sugar through urine. It rehydrates the blood, reduces the risk of diabetes and also lowers blood sugar level.

3.Physical activities

Adequate physical activity lowers the blood sugar levels and blood pressure, stimulates blood flow, reduces weight by burning extra calories and also helps to have a sound sleep.A personal is advised to invest 30 minutes for five days every week in doing vigorous physical activity. Stay hydrated while doing physical exercise. Start with simple daily activities like doing the household chores , walking around the house or to the park or the nearest shopping mall, taking the stairs instead of the lift. Try riding a bicycle, dancing, playing basketball, tennis , swimming etc.

4.Control stress levels

During stress and anxiety the body experiences fall in the insulin level, rice in the epinephrine level. Also, hormones like glucagon and cortisol are secreted which cause the muscle and fat issues to be less sensitive two insulin leading to to arise in the blood glucose level. Relaxation methods like yoga and other stress reduction activities must be practised , since they help to reduce stress and bring the blood sugar level under control.

5.Enough quality sleep

Sound sleep is a necessity for maintaining good health. insufficient sleep not only results in loss of appetite but also affects the blood sugar levels and insulin secretion. It might also lead to increased weight , decreased secretion of growth hormones and increased cortisol level. Hence it is advised to get sufficient sleep every night.

The purayati diacec Diabetes care medicine has been developed by purayati to cure diabetes. Each bottle consists of 90 diabetes tablets in the form of veg capsules. Also, apart from taking medicines regularly, it is advised to measure and monitor blood sugar levels and keep a record of it every day.

Accordingly, the diet and exercise plan should be adjusted to keep the blood sugar level normal.

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