The Diagnosis Dictates the Diet What Kind of Diet is Needed for Those Who Suffer from Heart Disease and Asthma

The Diagnosis Dictates the Diet What Kind of Diet is Needed for Those Who Suffer from Heart Disease and Asthma

Heart problems

Those who have attacks of atrial fibrillation know how bad it is for a person to have heart rhythm disturbances: it seems that everything is trembling inside, and the heart is ready to jump out of the chest. There is a strong weakness, shortness of breath, dizziness, sweating, and even the fear of death. Usually atrial fibrillation is chronic, it is impossible to completely get rid of this scourge, but you can keep the disease under control, eliminating the factors that provoke seizures.

It has been scientifically proven that their likelihood is being significantly increased by the intake of alcohol. Even small portions of wine, vodka, cognac can cause disturbance of the heart rhythm. This problem was seriously studied by Japanese scientists. Their conclusions are unambiguous: those, who drink alcohol, are more inclined to have atrial fibrillation than teetotalers. Practically 80% of such patients are active devotees of intoxicating feasts. Although it is believed that a moderate consumption of dry red wine is beneficial to the heart, those who already had paroxysmal arrhythmia attacks, according to doctors, should completely stop taking alcohol.

People with heart rhythm disorders should adhere to a special way of life, in which the right diet and a special balance in nutrition play one of the main roles.

heart problem

It is recommended to eat a little bit a few times a day. Exclude large portions and fatty foods. When the stomach is full, the receptors of the vagus nerve become irritated, and in turn, it depresses the disturbed function of the sinus node as well. It is necessary to avoid eating before going to bed. To prevent attacks of atrial fibrillation, fasting days are needed to remove toxins from the body. During such food restrictions, it is recommended to increase physical activity, however its quantity and intensity should be discussed with the physician in advance.

Since the failure of the heart leads to a violation of electrolyte metabolism, the diet of patients with atrial fibrillation should consist of products rich in potassium and magnesium.

Potassium is abundant in baked potatoes, fresh carrots and its juice, in apricots, bananas and oranges. Avocado is considered to be the champion in terms of potassium content among exotic products. To enrich your diet with magnesium, you should often eat chocolate and nuts, regularly include in the menu products from oat flakes, soybeans, white beans, brown rice. In this case, the food should be cooked only a bit, in order to preserve the maximum amount of useful substances.

Coffee should be replaced with cocoa, which contains a lot of substances necessary for the heart. It is not necessary to “adjust” your “fiery motor” and strong tea: an alternative to it can be herbal infusions based on hawthorn, mint and lemon balm. However, remember that with atrial fibrillation, in order not to overload the heart, we must somewhat reduce the amount of fluid taken.

Vegetable products in the daily diet of people with heart rhythm disturbances should be more than half, carbohydrate to 20-25%, protein – from 15 to 30%.

What causes the lungs convulsions?

Recently, in civilized countries, the number of patients with bronchial asthma is increasing. The cause of the development of this disease is not only in air pollution, but also in the nature of nutrition. Those who constantly eat fat, pork chops, mayonnaise salads, fat cream cakes and fast foods with heavy cream sauces, endanger not only the heart and blood vessels, but also the lungs.

The influence of fatty foods on respiratory function was studied by Australian doctors. Patients with bronchial asthma and healthy obese people took part in their experiment. They were divided into groups. Some were eating high-fat fatty foods for a few days, while others adhered to a low-calorie balanced diet. Before and 4 hours after eating, all of them were tested for the lung function.

Among those who ate a lot of fat, the concentration of markers of the inflammatory process in the lungs increased significantly. Those who preferred light food, had no problems with the lung function.

Moreover, taking over-fatty foods provoked asthmatic attacks of suffocation. According to scientists, animal fat can cause an immune reaction and inflammation of the respiratory tract with narrowing of the small bronchi and the release of thick viscous sputum.

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A similar study was conducted by British scientists. Their conclusions coincided with the opinion of Australian colleagues. In parallel, they studied the effect of anti-asthmatic inhalation drugs on patients depending on the nature of their diet.

It turned out that after the intake of fatty high-calorie food, the effectiveness of anti-asthmatic drugs is markedly reduced.

Scientists have found that foreign proteins can cause attacks of suffocation, therefore, patients with asthma and allergies in general should not be addicted to protein foods. Doctors recommend such people to exclude from the diet strong meat and fish broths, as well as dishes rich in purines.

Even if the asthmatic is not allergic to specific foods, he still needs to keep to a hypoallergenic diet.

It is advisable not to abuse products with high antigenic activity, which include eggs, citrus fruits, fish, nuts. Be sure to limit the consumption of products containing histamine, that is, smoked foods, canned foods, tomatoes and spinach. Strong tea and strong coffee, alcohol and even milk can aggravate the course of lung disease.

The less a patient with asthma eats, the better for his health. It is necessary to include in the menu a lot of low-calorie foods, rich in dietary fiber and pectin, which have a sorption effect. The main diet of a person with sick lungs should include cereals, legumes, vegetables, fruits, berries and herbal teas. In addition, the more kilograms the asthmatic loses on such a diet, the less frequent is the case that he will have attacks of suffocation.

Feat for Health

If you have hypertension, high blood cholesterol and heart palpitations, you should listen to the opinion of the scientists from the Mid-Atlantic Heart Institute (Missouri). After conducting a series of serious studies, they made a terrible announcement for the people who like sweets: after giving up sugar, you can reduce the risk of death from cardiovascular reasons by three times! The fact is that sugar leads to a chronic increase in the level of insulin, which activates the sympathetic nervous system, resulting in increased blood pressure and heart rate. Just a few weeks after completely giving up sugar, the level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood drops by 10%, and dangerous triglycerides – by 20-30%.

Refusal of a large amount of sugar saves not only the heart, but the brain. If you notice a deterioration in memory and cognitive functions, perhaps it is your love of sweets is to be blamed. According to research by scientists at the University of Michigan (USA), a large amount of sugar has a negative effect on the neurotrophic factor of the brain, which is responsible for the state of neurons and is very important for the formation of long-term memory and learning ability. For a good brain work, one teaspoon of sugar a day, divided into two doses – with a morning cup of coffee and a cup of tea a day is enough.

Feat for Health

By the way, it affects the contacts between the brain cells, which means, that it also affects memory and cognitive functions, an abundance in the diet of fast food and constant overeating.

It is worth reviewing the diet for the people with acne. One of the main causes of acne in adults, in contrast to adolescents, is a systematic inflammation in the body, which causes an excess of sugar in food. Researchers at the American Institute of Clinical Nutrition discovered: if for some reason a person consumes about 300 grams of sugar a day, it increases the risk of skin rash by 87%!

Unfortunately, the “sweet poison”, worsening our state of health, is found not only in sweets, cakes and soda. Producers add sugar – to improve the taste – in sauces, ketchups, yoghurts, cheese curds and other products. You may not notice how you eat such “invisible” sugar.

Taboo on the sweet in the diet is a real feat for the sake of health. After all, sugar is an antidepressant that helps us cope with stress and fight depression. If you refuse such a “drug,” there will certainly be a withdrawal syndrome. It can be overcome with the help of fruits (in reasonable quantities), physical exercises and an exciting hobby. It will be very difficult only for three weeks – this time is enough to form new food habits.

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