Things To Discuss With Your Doctor Before You are Opting For An ERCP

Things To Discuss With Your Doctor Before You are Opting For An ERCP

ERCP is a surgical procedure which is undertaken by specialized surgical staff. You are going to be sedated till the point you will fall asleep.

The procedure

Once you arrive at the endoscopy unit, all your questions will be answered and an overview about your medical history is expected to be done. Here the ERCP procedure will be properly explained to you. It all depends upon the situation and even the unit, you could be asked to opt for conscious sedation which might mean moderate sedation or general anaesthesia can be suggested. A specialist might go on to provide and being a deep level of sedation you might need the help of a breathing tube. Prior to the process being undertaken you might be asked to remove your pair of sunglasses.

Then you might be asked to head back to the ERCP room, and you could be positioned on the special table for the x rays to be taken all over again. You might be asked to lie down on the left side which is your back and the stomach. Biliary stent manufacturers suggest the use of a plastic mouth piece to protect your gums and teeth. Once sedation is provided you might be asked to be relaxed and moreover you might end up feeling very comfortable. This is a well -tolerated procedure and most of the people end up feeling fine afterwards.

It all depends on what is observed during the ERCP, a host of remedial measures may be suggested in the form of biopsies, removing the tubes or placing a stent across the narrow areas or even other type of treatments. The entire course of the procedure would vary from 30 minutes to an hour. It is seen that air is being introduced through the endoscope as the specialist can observe what happens inside your stomach and intestine during the course of the procedure.

Once the procedure is over you might be taken to a recovery room and monitored till the dosage of medicines wears down. This is being relieved by passing gas. One of the common complaints is a sore throat and this could be relieved in a couple of days. You could be facing difficult to concentrate during the day so patients are advised rest for the remainder of the day.

Are there any possible complications associated with ERCP?

In all ways ERCP works out to be a safe and well tolerated procedure, there can be risks emerging from it. The doctor is going to discuss the risks before being part of the procedure.

Once the papilla sphincter is cut bleeding can occur. This is minimal and it can resolve on its own. Once it occurs during the course of the procedure it can be treated with a variety of endoscopic procedures or even the use of cautery can be recommended. You can take expert advice from biliary tent suppliers who can guide you in a better way.

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