Do You Need Cardio For Fat Loss?

Do You Need Cardio For Fat Loss?

Does running on the treadmill or stairways scare you? You are not alone. Many people who want to lose fat, hate cardio exercises.

The good news is, cardio does more harm to you than help you lose weight. You are right to hate it if it hasn’t worked for you in the past. In this article, you will learn why cardio is not necessary for losing weight.

Most importantly, the number one exercise you need to do every day to lose weight in the shortest amount of time according to research.

Let’s dive right in.

Less is More

Cardio is excellent for burning fat and aiding loss, but too much of it will sacrifice your muscle tissues. It’s all about training smarter and not harder. When you do more cardio, you increase the risk of injury.

What’s worse, you may end up with chronic stress. It happens because your body is not receiving the opportunity to recover. And this leads to inflammation of the body that slows down the fat loss process. Too much cardio exercise will make you lose muscle mass.

Makes You Hungrier

Cardio exercises do not promote calories in, calories out. Recent studies show that cardio exercises make one hungrier. With cardio exercises, you are fighting your body to lose weight.

The Body Adapts

Over time, your body will get used to the same cardio exercises and adapt to them. What that means is, doing the same activities over and over, become less effective. It may get your body in shape, but it may not assist you to lose weight.

With each time your body adapts to the same physical activities, it becomes easier for your body.

That said, cardio exercises are useful to the body and not excellent for weight loss. If you continue to do cardio exercises, you will burn less fat each month than the time you began it.

Cardio Does Not Lead to Fat Loss

Before research, people used to associate cardio exercise with weight loss. Research shows cardio does not lead to fat loss. The only thing responsible for you to lose fat is a calorie deficit.

That means eating fewer calories means burning more fat. Doing cardio exercises will only burn a handful of calories.

That said, you can’t create a significant calorie deficit. If you want to create a large calorie deficit, you have to reduce the energy intake(food). You will achieve that goal faster. Now that you know why cardio can’t help you lose weight, let’s look at the number one exercise that will help you lose fats fast.

Though cardiovascular training is beneficial to your heart, when it comes to improving body composition and losing body fat too much of it is highly unproductive.

Prioritize Strength Training

Lifting weights will do a lot more for your fitness, fat loss and your overall health than the treadmill ever will. It will not only build muscle but burn more calories throughout the day.

You should not just try to lose weight. Instead, focus on improving your body composition by lifting weights, taking any of the best protein supplements before and after your workouts and building muscle tissue while dropping your body fat.

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